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Engine Lifting apparatus ideas....

So I've got this 2dr SETA I bought to replace the 4dr that was hit. The I got the 2dr pretty cheap since it didn't run. Unfortunatly it turns out it doesn't run because of a broken connecting rod... Anyway, I want to pull the fresh I motor I have in the 4dr and put it into the 2rd. I just have a slight issue... My driveway is a dirt/gravel drive way. This makes it very hard to manuver a traditional metal engine crane around. Also my garage door is only about 75 inches from the concrete floor to top of open garage door. That isn't as big of a deal as I intend to cut the whole radiator support out so I can pull the motor out without lifting too high but, I just wanted to not the smaller distance I have to work with. Also, the 4dr is on jackstands and doesn't have any front suspension right now so it's not quite mobile.

Curious to see how anyone on this board has pulled their motor in the grass/dirt/gravel before. I was thinking of making a wooden gantry using 2 2x6 beams and some 4x4's for the A-frames, the problem comes with moving the wooden gantry over the dirt/grass/gravel. The only solution I can think of is pneumatic tires but, easily available pneumatic casters are limited by their weight limits and more HD casters are harder to find/more expensive.

Only other option would be to use a traditional lift, toss the suspension back on the 4dr and turn it around. Pull the motor out and push it out. Then push the 2dr in it's place and get to work.
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Either your last suggestion or put some plywood down to roll the lift on.
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Use a kids swing positioned so when you raise the engine its as close as possible to one of the A frames. Figuring out a way to slide the engine along the top bar so you can drop it on a dolly in front of the car shouldnt be that difficult.
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I've done this several times. Place a sheet or 3/8" plywood where the hoist needs to be.
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Originally Posted by jlevie View Post
I've done this several times. Place a sheet or 3/8" plywood where the hoist needs to be.
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