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Porsche 944 turbo / 3.0L radiator for M30 swap with AC

Hi all

Been researching options to refit my M30 with air conditioning, and have solid daily driving temps - no point refitting the AC if I'm going to run into overheating issues. I have always had rock solid temps with my e28 radiator.

I'm getting too old for 100+ F days with no AC - was fine when I was younger, but sitting in traffic on hot days is becoming a chore. Been contemplating retiring the e30 to weekend duties and buying a manual e46 touring, but ultimately I'd like to keep the e30 as my daily.

Anyway... has anyone tried a Porsche 944 turbo / 3.0 radiator? I've done some measurements, and it seems it will fit in the front cowl like the early Alpina radiator - in fact it looks suspiciously similar. It is triple row, so much thicker than the e28 radiator. The outlets are around the right way for the M30, there's just one additional fitting for a heater hose that would need to be closed off - either capped, or chopped and welded.

I may buy one and give it a go...

My e30: OEM+ with M30B35
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