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Originally Posted by jpod999 View Post
Christmas spending and a new furnace for the house has put an indefinite hold on this project. I have stuff I can do without having to purchase parts so that will likely be happening soon. I need to finish cleaning the bay so that I can respray it- then I think the motor will go back in so that I can continue on the wiring.
That shit ain't cheap! Good luck.
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Engine bay resprayed. I went to a local auto body supply store and had them make me a spray can of Alpine White II. I prepped the engine bay by scuffing it up and degreasing it, I wasn't going for a show car quality respray. I didn't spray the firewall as it will likely get covered in DEI gold foil. It's super nice not having to look at all the cosmoline anymore, I worked for years to get rid of as much as possible but this is way better!
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Motor went back in last night. It took me about an hour working by myself, it's nice not having a core support in the way. I am going to work on the wiring until my finances are looking better.
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