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My E30 2JZ Build

Hello everyone! I am starting this new thread here on R3Vlimited because my old thread was deleted off of the e30tech forum. And yes it is a 1991 BMW 325i with the 2JZ-GTE Toyota Supra engine that I finished swapping this summer i was originally swapping the engine into a Lexus sc300 but I found a great deal on this rust free California e30 and couldn't pass on this deal. I will try to post every detail along with pics on what my build consisted of starting from the time of when I picked up the car here in Wisconsin in the summer of 2015. Technically I started the 2JZ race car project back in the December of 2013.

At first I bought the engine off of some Canadian motor company on eBay it is probably the safest way to buy engines like these. And I bought the 5 speed Toyota R154 transmission off of Freed engineering. Keep in mind this transmisión is built with marlin crawler gears. I have the build list here below(keep in mind some parts were for the lexus sc300 I could've saved myself a ton more money by simply waiting for a good E30 deal to have come by but oh well.)

Total 2JZ project:
Turbo manifold-$48.99
Built R154-$2120
DM Clutch pedal conversion kit-$455
DM Stage 3 Clutch Kit-$520
DM Clutch slave cylinder-$43
DM 1jz r154 flywheel-$289
Clutch hose-$45
Turbo oil feed hose-$20
Borgwarner S300SX3 $600
Oil return line +flanges-$48.87
Arp flywheel bolts-$39.09
2JZGTE Engine-$2524.02
R154 CM & 1jz bellhousing-462
R154 fork&support-$138.69
pressure plate bolts-$9
SF 2jzgte manifold&WGadapter-$115
Junk quarter panel & spoiler-$178.50
Sc300 GTE harness-$678
AZ rear Crank and cam seals-$41.54
Front Crank seal-$19.54
T4 gasket-$15--
DM GTE water pump-$159
DM Serpentine belt-$25
R154 clutch hub-$78
Gates timing belt-$65.94
2jz motor mounts-$139.98
R154 inner bolts-10.50
Differential adapter-$149.99
Turbo oil drain pan gasket-$4.95
Oil drain flange-$28
Water pump neck gasket-$4.25
Cam cover gasket&seal set-$63=79.66
Powder coat valve covers-$52.50
Mishimoto thermostat-$58.08
Yonaka Radiator & fans-$194.35
Intercooler piping-$111.70
Tial wastegate-$223
Tial wastegate gasket-$7.58
Steel Driveshaft driftmotion-$420.88
Oil pressure gauge-$77.99
Timmers pipe with bov flange-$50
Steel Power steering hose-$65
Spark plugs-$43.74
Tial q Bov-$138.75
Oil feed on block-$5.99
Oil feed on turbo-$3.82
Power steering reservior-$36.99
Oil catch can-$19.99
45 degree intercooler hose-12.50
flex-a-lite fan controller-$38.96
O2 sensor-$22.93
OBX dump tube-$40
Clutch Master cylinder-$95.69
Down pipe & exhaust-$295
Aem e85 fuel pump-$122.99
Wideband o2 sensor-$160.99
Boost gauge-$84.99
9 liters Toyota4liferedCoolant-$80
Manual shifter boot-$65.52
Redline Mt90 fluid-$50
Air filter-$12
Mobile 1 Oil-$25
25ft of 0 gauge battery cable-$50

E30 Build started here-------
Title transfer & plates-$172.38
Oil strainer gasket-$3.91
Lower oil pan and bolts-$50
Action stage 3 clutch disc-$140
Chase bays booster delete-$210
R154 mount 12371-46090-$13
Aristo front sump pan-$126.23
Clutch feed adaptr for BBE-$39.99
Inter cooler-$79.99
(2)2.5-3" 90Dhose reducer-$25.98
Inner & outer tie rod ends-$51.90
Intake pipe-$40
45 degree intake coupler-$10.69
4" silicone hose coupler-$4.10
Throttle body cutting-$40
Misc AN fittings-$70.15
VMS AFPR-$76.74
fuel pump assembly gasket-$2.93
Rubber shifter boot-$11.18
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The beginning of the 2JZ project

Here are the pics of when I first picked up the E30 this day was literally the coldest day of winter that I've ever experienced probably like 30 below zero that day with windchilll...that's Wisconsin for you. The first couple of pics are pics that he original owner put up on Craigslist the last two are me towing it home

Crack free dash

I will post more info up tomorrow including what the e30 originally came with, right now it's kinda late but I'll keep the thread as accurate as possible.

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Here is what the original E30 for sale post had on craigslist when I bought it. Keep in mind that the engine, transmission and e36 m3 steering rack are now sold, everything else is still on the car.

240,480 miles on the body. Completely clean and rust free car (originally from California) with original paint and clear coat and crack-free dashboard. Roughly 100 miles on freshly-built 2.7 "Super-ETA" engine (2.7L bottom end from a 325e with the higher revving and better flowing top end from a 325is making lots of torque and still keeping the high-range power) Including new valves, seals, head gasket, timing belt, water pump, starter, aluminum Mishimoto E36 M3 radiator, spark plugs, fuel injectors and headers.

The car has all Redshift polyurethane bushing (excluding the solid-mounted front lower control arms), motor and transmission mounts, differential studs and spacer kit, and the machined aluminum gumbo (no vibrations, care was taken to align the drivetrain perfectly) so no worries about stock rubber parts wearing out.

-Ground Control coilers with camber plates
-16x9" ET15 Borbet Type A wheels with new Khumo tires
-M3 E36 LSD
-Hawk HPS brake pads and fresh fluid
-Battery trunk relocation
-1/4" steel skid plate with tubular impact bar
-Retrofitted E46 center console with armrest and proper cup holders.
-Crack-free dash with BavAuto dash mat
-Sport cloth bucket seats (took them out and replaced with Corbeau's )
-Factory houndstooth door panels
-M-tech steering wheel
-Trunk lip spoiler and wing
-Pioneer Premier head unit
-OEM ellipsoid headlamps with HID retrofit

Original Alpine white sedan
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Beautiful car, can't wait for the 2jz build. I have a gte on my engine stand left-over from my previous build, contemplating if I should do this too.
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Looks dope.
I used to see a ton of those 2jz in the junkyards.
Not from supras but that other big ass car. Don't remember the name right now.
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1jz to Getrag 260 ?!!!

I am putting a 1JZ in a 85 325e
our biggest challenge is to attach the G260 to it...
is there an adapter or we have to cut and weld bell housing?
happy new year and thank you...
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