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Grease Monkey
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Anyone sell OEM products through Amazon.com?

I am looking to purchase a few brand new OEM BMW products. Specifically, the radiator expansion reservoir: http://www.pelicanparts.com/cgi-bin/...1-1-707-540-M9 and reservoir cap:http://www.pelicanparts.com/cgi-bin/...-4-379-047-BOE, and Cassette box: http://www.pelicanparts.com/cgi-bin/...chButtonGo.y=0.

Only looking for brand new and OEM BMW products. I am wanting to pay through Amazon.com as I have money from a giftcard.

Please let me know if anyone sells through Amazon.com or if you know of someone that does.

Thank you

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MR 325
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Just search the part numbers on Amazon. They come right up.


I think the cassette holder is probably NLA from BMW though.
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Keep in mind that when manufactures produce a certain part that there are different tolerances accomplished from a production run. The dealers always get first pick for the tightest tolerance parts. Amazon only gets the bottom of the barrel. This is why the price difference between the dealer and some online retailers can be so drastic. With some parts this just doesn't matter. But, with some parts it's really not worth saving a couple $$'s and getting crap.
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I bought a supposed OEM guibo on Amazon....same mfg you get when you buy a Lemforder...and according to the factory who makes the real deal it was a fake.

Caveat emptor.... Amazon or no Amazon
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Amazon got complaints about sellers selling counterfeit parts so they supposedly got strict on sellers but who knows. I would buy parts off ebay before I would Amazon because at least you have feedback and recourse if there is a problem. I believe buyers are more protected on ebay. Today's counterfeits look just like the real deal right down to bar codes and manufacturing stamps. It's really hard to tell these days. With OEM's cutting costs and lowering quality it makes it easier for counterfeits to match the appearance/quality.
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I've done both. There are some legit BMW parts from legit BMW dealers on Amazon, and it's nice when they are still Prime Eligible. Ebay gets some crazy stuff to that's NOS.

For instance, the Cassette box the OP mentions, there was a guy selling a bunch of NOS ones for various 5 series. I bought one for an E28 and gutted the holders/mechanisms to rebuild the one I had for my Alpina. The one I had for the E30 had the later style with the smaller black button, but I needed the early, larger white button. The parts are all interchangeable from the various models, so it was no issues.
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