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‘92 318i vette 5sp excellent

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    Originally posted by delatlanta1281 View Post
    those rims look like style 5's. if so how did you mount them? are they on adapters or are they filled and drilled. the strut towers are painted over as well as many other corners cut paint wise. if you're asking 45k to start the paint needs to be perfect and true to the original design, not a sloppy overspray and tape job. the interior is, how can i say this, particular? The red seat centers don't match the cardinal door cards. It's extremely off-putting.
    Look, i get that you love your car... but it would take at least 4k to get it to a presentable 25k car by someone who knows what they are doing. That's looking at it in sub-par pictures. did you actually spray undercoating over the control arm mounting bolts or am i seeing things?
    You are telling guys who have been in this community for DECADES they are children for trying to advise you on how to actually market a car in our community. Some of us have bought, sold, and built e30s for over 2 decades in fact. We know what we are doing and we know what we are looking at. it doesn't seem like you do. Saying you want it to look like an alpina with absolutely no alpina styling whatsoever is a huge red flag when it comes to trusting your judgement. putting a 45k price tag on a 7 to 10k car (at best) is like putting a million dollar price tag on a 400,000 home. It won't sell.
    All that said ill give you 6k cash AFTER i see good pictures of everything. that's a starting point. i need to see the engine bay, service records, how the top was mounted, inside the trunk, a video of it running, etc. Probably not worth your time, but it would at least get you to document a car for sale.
    i sold the car last month for 14k


      good sale then, congrats. did you sell it on here? if not who did you use? i didn't see it on any other sites/
      Yours truly,
      Originally posted by Rigmaster
      you kids get off my lawn.....