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SOLD! 1990 325i Coupe - Black w/ Cardinal, Very Well Sorted

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      Originally posted by MR 325 View Post
      thank ya sir - car is headed out west to CO after levent adds some goodies.

      i believe the new owner will be active on here, so i'll let him chime in if he wants.
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        I just wanted to introduce myself and float a huge Thank You to Ethan! My wife and I are every excited for this, our first e30.

        I've owned a 2007 Chevy Trailblazer SS since 2007, but recently sold it and have since been looking for a new weekend driver/hobby car. My good friend Griffin (griffincox here on R3V) has owned 2 e30's and an e39 m5 in the past 2 years and is responsible for turning us onto e30's. After a spirited drive across Golden, CO in his e30, we were hooked!

        Although I know a lot about LS engines/LS powered vehicles (I built my 402ci stroker), I'm new to the e30 scene, so the search button will be my best friend for a while. But hopefully I can contribute to the forums soon.

        As you all know, Ethan has done an awesome job on everything about this car and is truly a stand-up guy. He has been extremely helpful and informative and a pleasure to work with. I only hope I can do this car justice, as he did.

        As Ethan mentioned, I'm having a few things done to the car by Levent - I figured it was best to take advantage of the opportunity while the car was at GP.

        I don't have any extravagant plans for the car. Instead, my goals are the same that Ethan had, which is to have a well-sorted OEM+ driver.

        My plans while at GP include:

        *Weaves + Dunlop Direzzas (195/55/r15) - pics below
        *AC Repair (condenser, condenser fan, fan switch, expansion valve, receiver dryer, fan resistor, r134)
        *IS front lip
        *US Ellipsoids
        *Ireland Engineering strut bar (powdercoated red)
        *Mark D chip for 17# injectors/91 octane

        Maybe I’ll start a thread and post pics, or just continue Ethan’s project log thread. I’m glad to be here and looking forward to learning! Hope to meet some of you local guys soon.

        1990 325i


          Those euroweaves are going to be perfect on this car.

          Congrats to both op and the new owner on the transaction.