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FS: 1987 BMW 325i - MTech 1 Euro Convertible Homage / S52 Swapped and restored

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    GLWS, a bit above my price range, but well worth it.

    Buddy of mine was lucky enough to shoot numerous RWB builds...I am sure you are looking forward to the experience.

    one of my favorite vids....Nakai is such an artist
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      Regarding your RWB aspirations, checkout Lynmor Motorsport ( they facilitated an RWB build about a year ago. I believe the car lives on Long Island now.

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      Originally posted by lambo
      Sounds like you need a massage.
      Originally posted by kpeng
      Who the hell is Vlad?


        They definitely aren't web designers...

        GLWS, that's a car that you'll never see another one like it on the road or at a show. It'd be hard for me to part with it if it were in my garage, but I'd also like a porsche at some point too, so I can understand the desire.


          Originally posted by mbonder View Post
          They definitely aren't web designers...
          Thats what I thought. Probably just really old school guys. Can't say my website is the best either though. I just don't have the man power to manage it all :(
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            Post this on BringATrailer and eBay. You won't see that kind of money from r3v members, as this year long thread has shown. You may also want to try 6speedonline or a consignment car sale broker.

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              He already covered BAT

              Originally posted by achtunge30
              Unfortunately for me, the guy that approves all cars that get listed on BaT is ignorant.

              Twice i've approached him and 2nd time showed him the Grundy Evaluate your Car report and he still thinks I need to set a low reserve of $15k in order to list it.


                As of now 15 bidders, 80 bids.
                Seems like a healthy auction thus far.
                Good luck man, its a beautiful car.
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                  I bet there are a few snipers going to bid at the last few seconds.

                  Good luck, I hope you get one million dollars.
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                    Thanks for the support guys. Auction ended and fell short of my reserve. Auction is now relisted with a buy it now and even lower reserve price!
                    - Frank
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                      Sold for $23.2k?
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                        No but the BIN is $25k.

                        Well priced, well sorted.


                          Good luck with the sale. Car looks great.


                            eBay link lost?

                   WAS here earlier, but now it's gone? WHA HAPPENED?

                            Edit: Found it. But still wonder where the original post went?
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                              Originally posted by Uber///m3 View Post
                     WAS here earlier, but now it's gone? WHA HAPPENED?
                              Please review the forum rules for selling items (no links to CL/eBay). Thanks in advance.
                              Originally posted by kronus
                              would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


                                Car is tentatively sold folks!
                                - Frank
                                '87 325ic M-Tech 1 For Sale!
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