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FS: 1988 M-Tech II Sedan. Orange County Ca.

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    FS: 1988 M-Tech II Sedan. Orange County Ca.

    ================================================== ========================
    Edit 9/10/17

    Final Asking price with the car AS IS $7k OBO or Part Out

    Unfortunately guys Im out of time with this car. This will be my last price for the car as a whole. It will be available for sale at this price all week long until 9/16/17. If nobody steps up and buys the car before then I will begin parting it out. I will create a new Part out thread where I'll list prices for the big ticket items like MTech II Kit, euroweaves etc etc. Hopefully someone will buy this car as is and do the work needed for making it really nice. I just don't have the time or resources to do it. Any questions please let me know. Thank you.

    ================================================== ========================
    Edit 8/27/17
    Ok guys Im afraid that I just need to let this car go. I need the garage space in the next couple of weeks as my E30 M3 will be finally coming home after nearly two years in a shop having the engine rebuilt. I also have some other changes in my life recently so I don’t have time to finish this project. I tried to take care of all the nagging issues left but I just don’t have the time right now.

    Location: Laguna Niguel California.
    Title: Car is titled in NJ. I did not registered the car here when I moved. Clean NJ title on hand.

    Attention California buyers:
    This is NOT a bar legal swap. CA buyer must make the mods needed to make it pass smog.

    Here are the issues left to do on the project:

    -Engine coolant bleeding / possibly head gasket:
    I tried to bleed the car a few times and after about 20 minutes of idling the temp reaches 3/4. II tried to install a Spal puller fan but it does not fit with the M50. Im going to continue to try to bleed it as I still see bubbles of air come up in the tank when the car gets up to temperature.

    Im thinking the issue is a bad head gasket. There is no oil in the coolant but I think the bubbles are combustion bubbles.

    Check engine light is still on with a 1266 code. Probably need to rebuild the vanos but I don’t hear a rattle coming from the engine. Regardless Im treating it as if it was a bad vanos.

    - Exhaust leak -
    When the mechanic that did the swap married the M50 headers and the stock exhaust center section he made a mistake and left a small exhaust leak. Any muffler shop can fix this easily.

    - Engine bay wire covers from an e30 m3 -
    This is what you need in order to clean up the engine bay and hide the wires.

    - E-brake adjustment
    The e-brake works but it needs a little adjustment so it engages better.

    - Central locking
    Typical e30 issue. You need to use the trunk lock in order to lock the car.

    Im selling the car as is with the issues above. Please contact me via email or PM.
    evilutionmind AT

    Read full description below:

    1988 325i 5-speed M50 swap.
    Miles on chassis: 196k
    Miles on engine: 107k

    Recently changed parts:

    Air flow meter - used good working unitwaffles
    6 ignition coils - used good condition (almost brand new items)
    Crank position sensor
    Fuel pump
    brakes pads & rotors
    coolant temp sensors
    all gaskets oil pan
    Radiator - New Neissens
    Engine wiring harness - used unit in good working order. The one that came on the engine looked a little rough, did not want to chance it.
    Knock sensors


    Body Kit:
    -Full OEM M-tech 2. No replica parts used. All original BMW parts.

    -Full Design edition from a touring. Rear seat still needs work to be finished. Head rests do come with the car. Passenger side bolster needs work. Parts available on German Ebay. Dashboard has a crack :-( picture below.

    -Bilstein Sports with H&R springs. No issues.

    Paint / body:
    Good condition, resprayed PPG in summer of 2014. Could use a good polish to make it really pop some more but looks good. A couple of digns and chips. All documented in pictures below.

    Nice set of Euroweaves painted nogaro silver in the center. Plenty of thread left on the tires.

    New stock cat back installed a couple of years ago. Stock center section welded to the M50 headers.

    Z3 antenna installed.


    First a little history on this car. This is a project I’ve been working on since 2013. I got this car as a gift from a family member. The car was rough but had no rust. I took it on as a side project I would work on slowly. I decided that since the car was a late model I would do a full OEM M-Tech II body kit with Euroweaves. There are no replica M-Tech panels or bumpers on this car ALL OEM.

    After many month of searching German E-bay I was able to piece together a full M-Tech II body kit including the 4 door side panels which was a pain to find. I also sourced a full Purple Design interior from a touring in really good condition.

    For the door sills I had to get a little creative. I was able to order the OEM M-Tech door sills for the rear but the fronts were no longer available. Since I did not want to cut a set of coupe ones I decided to make replicas for the front. They look ok but now need a refresh of the actual logo sticker.

    The car was fully resprayed in the summer of 2014 with PPG paint.

    The rest of the interior is in good condition. The only things that need improvement is the passenger side seat right bolster is a little worn and the rear seat needs to be adjusted. It was my plan to have the interior redone with black leather for the bolsters all around but I won’t be getting to that since Im moving on from this project. Car has also an M-Tech II steering wheel in good condition.

    New Asking price with the car AS IS $7k OBO

    New more detailed photos:

    Last edited by ramirez54; 09-09-2017, 11:59 PM. Reason: New final price b4 part out
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    So much want.

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    Sounds like you need a massage.
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    Who the hell is Vlad?



      Is this car sold?


        Originally posted by 2002jm View Post
        Is this car sold?
        Still for sale, let me know.
        1989 M3
        1991 M5
        1997 M3 (Technoviolet)


          Wow, love the looks!
          A little more love and this will be fantastic!


            Bump! new price 8.5k OBO and new better photos.
            1989 M3
            1991 M5
            1997 M3 (Technoviolet)


              Originally posted by ramirez54 View Post
              Bump! new price 8.5k OBO and new better photos.
              Wow, great deal for a beautiful car, someone buy this already!
              Buy Replacement Tweeter Pins!
              Feedback Here


                Very Nice. GLWS


                  Guys Im thinking the issue Im having with over heating is related to a bad head gasket. I updated my description to reflect my recent assumptions. I will not be doing this work. I can work with any potential buyers on price. I just wanted to update this thread with the latest info. Thanks for looking.
                  1989 M3
                  1991 M5
                  1997 M3 (Technoviolet)


                    Fuck me, I so want this.

                    You will have PM shortly.
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                      GLWS very pretty rig...
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                        Originally posted by MR E30 325is View Post
                        Fuck me, I so want this.

                        You will have PM shortly.
                        Yeah Let me know. I just can't mess with this anymore. My m3 will be home soon and I need the garage spot. Maybe we can work something out.
                        1989 M3
                        1991 M5
                        1997 M3 (Technoviolet)


                          Is the pass outer bolster messed up because the interior came from a RHD car? That would be interesting haha
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                            for any potential buyer if the interior scares you, i can sell you violet m tech cloth

                            Please leave feedback below, thanks



                              geez...this is really nice
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