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Anyone interested?? 1991 318is, M52, etc.

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  • e30sd
    i paid for the tires, asshole.

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  • permit
    Hahahaha, the Bears...good question. We can negotiate via PM's I suppose.

    SoCal Life, sure thing.

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  • SoCal Life
    I would like to see your car. I'm not interested in buying it, but I'd still like to see it before you sell it.

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  • Gr00v3
    would you throw in the bears? or a set of weaves if you have em?

    and are you negotiable on price?

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  • permit
    I'm in San Diego until January.

    Mileage and year on motor is unknown (go junkyard!). Based on how it's run and how it looked when we took off the valve cover, I'd say well under 100,000 miles (I've put on ~10,000 since it went in). No leaks, no signs of coolant in the oil, doesn't burn's got many, many years left in it.

    Let me know if you'd want to come down one day and check it out, it'd be well worth your time.

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  • Gr00v3
    mileage on the motor?

    you ever coming back to california?

    i'm seriously interested.

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  • permit
    started a topic Anyone interested?? 1991 318is, M52, etc.

    Anyone interested?? 1991 318is, M52, etc.

    Just trying to gain interest to see how fast I could sell this car if I needed it gone in the next week.

    1991 318is
    Alpine White II; black everything except carpet (blue)
    280,000 miles (means absolutely nothing)


    Euro smiley smoked ellipsoids
    Prolumen H1 5000k HIDs
    Lamin-x on headlights
    euro grilles
    5% tint on three rear windows
    5% 6 inch tint on windshield
    euro bumper trim
    MHW smoked front turn signals
    replacement hood, valence, and driver fender
    IS lip and splitter

    Fender and valence were replaced due to a small fender bender I had a year back, no damage at all done to anything besides the oilpan and body panels. Hood is replaced because it has less dents and better paint than the original hood had. Overall in good condition, few small bumps/dents here and there, nothing that would ever require heavy amounts of repair.

    I have fog light blanks, just waiting to get them painted.


    Kosei K1; 16x7.5 et43
    BFGoodrich g-Force KDW-2; 225/45/16
    H&R 20mm spacers
    BBS 75mm studs
    BBS nuts

    Got these in January and they're still in great condition. Combo of tires/wheel width/offset really fill the wheel wells nicely. Tires stick like 'whoa', and the studs make it super easy to take on/off wheels.


    Robert Warren custom leather shift boot
    Robert Warren custom leather ebrake boot
    Robert Warren custom leather ebrake handle
    ///M shift knob
    PA/CB radio
    black door panels
    black leather seats f/r
    electric sunroof
    repositioned sunroof switch (next to passenger window switch)
    check panel delete
    map light mirror
    black "318is" carpets

    Only thing really left to do would be Leatherique and dye the carpet. Dashboard is crack free as is every other vinyl piece. Always kept nice and clean.

    Have a good condition Mtech I wheel waiting to go on.


    Alpine CDA-9851 head unit
    Aux-in plug for iPod
    5.25" Diamond Hex S500a speakers (front; aluminum tweeters)
    5.25" Pioneer Premier speakers (rear)
    JL Audio 10w3v2 sub
    Rockford Fosgate 750w amp (sub) w/ bass control
    Rockford Fosgate Punch P5002 amp (front speakers)

    To put it nicely, this audio setup makes music sound prettier than the original recording. It will kick your ass if you want it to, it will go 'boom' if you want it to, and it'll send shivers down your spine if you play the right music (Ecstasy of Gold, Metallica S&M).


    converted to OBD1
    S52 camshafts
    UUC underdrive pulleys
    custom Active Autowerks software
    21.5# injectors
    Getrag 260 transmission
    late model M20 driveshaft
    JB Racing 7.5lbs flywheel (M20)
    e30 M3 clutch
    rebuilt 3.73 large case LSD
    M Roadster shift lever
    320i transmission mounts
    3.5" HFM w/ TMS HFM adapter
    K&N cone filter
    custom air conditioning
    Lukas m42 heatshield made to fit

    Let me stress the awesomeness of this motor having a/c. It's one of an estimated 3-4 24v e30s with a/c, so you're definitely going to have something special. Motor runs beautifully, pulls strong, and sounds like perfection. Estimated horse power is ~230-240.

    I have stock S50 injectors and a Turner S50 chip that will come with the car, I was going to experiment with the combo to see which setup I preferred.

    Swap was done professionally, and this is the fourth motor this car has had.

    I have a ZF remanufactured e30 M3 rack and OEM tierods waiting to go on the car, no sure if it'll be done before it's sold, but they will come with the car regardless.


    AA replica headers
    IE catback
    one-in, dual-out cat

    Unlike every other 24v swapped e30, this one sounds awesome. Others have stupid Magnaflows that drone on and on and wake up the neighbors. The headers/catback perfectly compliment the motor.


    Ground Control 375F/475R coilovers
    Treehouse Racing offset control arm bushings (new design, no noises)
    Ireland Engineering urethane subframe bushings
    Bilstein re-valved shocks
    Racing Dynamics front and rear sway bars
    Racing Dynamics sway bar mounts
    Ground Control rear shock mounts
    Motor Force adjustable camber/caster plates
    Sparco strut bar

    It'll hold the road, trust me. Not too stiff, but nowhere near stock. Best spring rates you could have for the street IMO.


    EBC GreenStuff pads
    Brembo OEM blanks
    Goodridge stainless steel brake lines
    320i brake booster

    Assuming you stick with 4 lug, I think the only upgrade you'd consider would be a 750i MC. Other than that, she brakes as well as she accelerates.


    16.5 gallon gas tank
    sound deadening in trunk, behind rear seat, behind all door panels, inside body panels in the rear, and behind kickpanels
    keyless entry
    M3 wiring covers in the engine bay

    In my mind, this car is insanely close to being considered complete. It goes, it stops, it turns, it sounds good, it looks good, and you have a blast driving it...anyone that has been passenger or driver can vouche for that.

    Maintenance: oil (5W-30 synthetic), tranny fluid, diff fluid were all done 3k miles ago. CAB's were put in 9/18/06. Brakes/fluid were done 7/06. Coolant is 1 year old. Fuel filter was done 3k miles ago. A/C was installed and charged 8/04. CSB was replaced 1 year ago. Diff was rebuilt 2.5 years ago. Battery is 1 year old.

    Notes: not much from the original airbag equipment is still on the car, so don't count on having an airbag explode in your face. Check engine light is on due to a wire being shorted somewhere leading to the O2 sensor. Motor runs fine, but it might be something to look at if you care to. Passenger high beam doesn't work, probably a dead bulb or shorted wiring. Some paint is missing from the passenger fender, tire rubbed it a bit...noticable, but doesn't stand out horribly. Front passenger parking light doesn't work...haven't really tried fixing it yet, probably something stupid again. Windshield has a fair amount of pitting and one rock mark that is noticable. Temp gauge doesn't work, just need to tap the head/thermostat. I wouldn't worry about it overheating though, I live in Arizona half the year and never have had issues. Heat doesn't work...I bypassed the core due to a small coolant leak.

    More pictures will come, I promise.

    Last edited by permit; 10-01-2006, 07:07 PM.