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For Sale: 1991 BMW 318is S52 Swap Alpine White

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    For Sale: 1991 BMW 318is S52 Swap Alpine White

    1991 BMW 318is
    Purchased with 13X,XXX Miles (indicated with broken odometer)

    It is with a heavy heart that I am offering my 1991 BMW E30 318is project for sale. I have had the car for 11 years and have documented the build here: ( ). Unfortunately I no longer have the time available to fully appreciate it due to family and other commitments. As a result, I would like to offer it for sale to an enthusiast so they might have the opportunity to enjoy it. The car has been substantially modified as described below.

    S52 3.2L I6 Engine out of 2000 BMW M Roadster (39,000 miles on motor)
    Engine management back converted to OBD1 using a red label 413 ECU
    24 lb/hr injectors (pink tops)
    OBD1 Intake Manifold
    540i 3.5” HFM
    Performance chip from The Racers Market
    o OBD1 Intake
    o 24 lb/hr injectors
    o 3.5” HFM
    o 7,000 RPM rev limit
    o Lightweight Flywheel
    5 series engine mounts (trapezoid)
    Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
    Engine Harness modified to plug into existing chassis harness (C101)
    OBD1 Diagnostic Port functional, Peake Reading Tool included
    E30 M3 Harness Covers
    Canton Racing Aluminum Catch/Overflow Tank
    JVT Headers with DEI Exhaust Wrap for heat management
    Magnaflow high flow catalytic converter
    Borla XR1 Intermediate muffler
    Vibrant twin exit muffler
    Custom Carbon Fiber Injector and Coil Covers. Coil Cover painted to resemble stock cover (BMW M Power)
    Oil Pump Nut installed with locktite
    Supplemental sending units for auxiliary gauges: Water Temp, Oil Temp and Oil Pressure
    Bimmerworld Silicone 3.5” HFM Adapter elbow
    AEM Conical Air Filter (Paper)
    Mechanical Fan Delete
    Treehouse Racing E21 Brake Booster
    Aluminum Power Steering Reservoir

    ZF 5-speed manual transmission from 2000 BMW M Roadster
    UUC Red Transmission Mounts
    UUC Lightweight Flywheel (8.5 lb) and M5 clutch
    UUC Street EVO 3 Shifter
    UUC Dual Selector Rod
    E30 M3 Remanufactured drive shaft
    3.23:1 Limited Slip Differential from 2000 M Roadster
    Remanufactured E30 half shafts
    New Guibo
    New Intermediate Driveshaft bearing

    Massive Brakes e30 front 280X22mm Street Kit
    o Upgraded front discs based on VW corrado discs (machined center bore to fit BMW)
    o Wilwood Dynapro widemount calipers with 4 1.38” Pistons
    o Wilwood Pads
    Rebuilt Rear calipers with caliper guide bushing upgrade kit
    o Hawk HPS + Brake Pads
    Stainless Steel Brake Hose
    New Rear brake backing plates
    New parking brake shoes
    New brake pedal switch

    C3 Motorsports Suspension Kit
    o Shortened front strut housings with coilover mount and E30 swaybar mounts
    o Koni Yellow Dampers
    o Eibach ERS Springs and Adjusters
    450 lb/in Front
    750 lb/in Rear
    o Vorshlag Racing Caster/Camber Mounts
    o TCKline Billet/Butyl Rear Shock Mounts
    Turner Motorsports E30 M3 Adjustable swaybar links
    E30 M3 Aluminum Control Arms
    E36 Z3 Steering Rack

    Body worked and resprayed Alpine White II (original color) with PPG products
    Wet sanded and polished
    Shadowline Trim
    Euro Smilie Headlights
    HID Headlights and Fog lights
    Blacked out Kidney grill
    New door trim
    IS side skirts
    EJNight Oil pan skid plate
    Antenna Delete
    DTM style mono windshield wiper
    MTech 1 Replica Wing custom reshape
    All Red taillights clear coated and polished
    Euro License plate filler
    New Euro bumper trim
    IS Front Airdam
    New BMW roundel badges (hood and trunk)
    E36 318is badge (trunk)
    Carbon Fiber DTM Side Mirrors

    Rare Compomotive TH Wheels, 17X8 ET23 with 235/40R17 Falken RT 215 tires
    Vorshlag 75mm long competition wheel stud conversion

    Highly customized
    Recaro Speed Driver and passenger seats with red Recaro logo stitched in headrest
    o E30 adjustable seat mount brackets
    o Optional hole for 5th point submarine harness
    New E30 M3 EVO Seat Belts (red)
    New seat belt receptacles
    Custom Black Alcantara Headliner
    Custom Carbon Fiber and Alcantara door cards
    Center console delete
    New black carpet
    Refreshed Instrument Cluster
    o Odometer gears replaced (mileage does not match original cluster)
    o Orange Needles
    o Brushed Aluminum Trim Rings for gauges
    o Appropriate tachometer module
    o Functional indicator lights
    New interior dome lights
    Nardi Deep Corn Alcantara Steering Wheel
    Custom center stack
    o Radio Delete
    o Window switch relocation
    o Speedhut auxiliary gauges
    Water temperature
    Oil Temperature
    Oil Pressure
    AKG Delrin Shift Knob
    Get BMWParts pedal covers
    Bav Auto Black floor mats with red trim
    Custom Rear seat delete

    Custom stereo with no head unit
    Clarion EQ746 Equalizer for EQ adjustment and volume control
    o 1 auxiliary input (mini jack)
    Kenwood KOS-A300 USB Music System
    o Control knob mounted on transmission tunnel similar to IDrive
    o Display installed in upper console in place of check panel
    o 1 auxiliary input (RCA)
    MB Quart RCM216 6.5” Reference Series Component Car Speakers
    o Woofers mounted in foot well
    o Tweeters mount on door near A-pillar
    MB Quart RA640.4 Reference Series 4-channel Class SQ Car Amplifier
    o 4 ohm 80W X 4 channel
    o Front channels to RCM216
    o Rear channels bridged to subwoofer
    German Audio Specialties E3010 Single 10” Subwoofer Box (Lukebox)
    o 1.5 ft^3 tuned to 38 Hz with dual 3” ports
    Peerless 830452 10” XLS Subwoofer
    Optima Red Top Battery in Trunk
    Battery Tender Charging system
    <Edit> Turner Motorsports Subframe and Sway Bar reinforcement kit

    The Good
    • Unique on the outside and inside. Changes are subtle and typically only noticed by enthusiasts.
    • Strong motor. Motor/transmission/differential combination enables quick acceleration. No problem spinning the tires in the first two gears. Lightweight flywheel lets motor rev incredibly fast
    • Stereo is loud if you need it to be. Subwoofer piped directly into the cabin. Anything over 2/3 volume will make me deaf and annoy my wife. Equalizer lets you tune to your tastes
    • Suspension tuned to let the car be as low as possible without rubbing. Firm but comfortable.

    The Bad
    • Car was in an impact prior to my purchase. Frame was straightened to specification but evidence of the impact remains. You can see this in the rear passenger corner and in a couple of sheetmetal ripples in the floor pan. Alignment of the car was still within specification.
    • Intermittent 1221 code. O2 sensor was purchased new but is 8 years old. New HFM. New Vacuum hoses. No vacuum leaks detected. O2 sensor and wiring needs checking
    • Intermittent Speedometer failure. Occurs rarely but the speedometer sensor plug has crumbled and fallen apart. New connector would resolve issue
    • ABS not functional. ABS sensors check out. Computer not checked. Sensors are disconnected but brakes will lock up with no problem
    • Not complete. A few interior components still need to be finished and installed. Those parts are included (alcantara fabric, closed cell foam, carbon fiber panels, etc.)
    • No air conditioning. AC pump and parts are on the car. New hot side hose needs to be fabricated and system charged. AC functional prior to engine swap. Blower motor replaced. Blower switch replaced
    • A few paint flaws. Mostly small chips but one area was sanded down to primer. Part can be pulled off to repaint. Car is waxed and sealed for protection.
    • Steering is heavy even though it is power steering.
    • <edit> UUC Red Urethane Transmission mounts appear to be deteriorating and crumbling. Originally wanted black with the aluminum cups but UUC didn't have the cups when I bought them and convinced me to get the reds instead. Never really been happy with them. Should consider some appropriate ones from someone like Condor Speed Shop.

    Also included with purchase of car:

    Rota RB 16X8 ET20 wheels (gunmetal center)
    Various BMW parts including
    o Previously removed parts
    o Various Trim
    o Original sealed beam headlights
    o New electrical connectors and plugs
    o Various hardware
    o 10” electrical fan and temperature switch for supplemental cooling
    o Bentley Manuals for E30 and E36
    Why am I offering the car as is instead of finishing it? I’m dealing with a shoulder injury that is preventing me from performing some of those tasks. I have tried my best to represent it accurately. If interested you may contact me via PM or at josh dot Blanchard on gmail. Thanks for looking.

    Asking $12,000 or best offer.

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    This is a slammin deal for a nicely put together car. It won't last long!


      does the car have heat?


        Originally posted by Jwilson4g63 View Post
        does the car have heat?
        Yes, the heater core was retained and the blower motor/resistor was replaced a while back. Car puts out heat and defrost works as well.

        Check out my build thread...

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          Lots of car for the $$$ glws

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              Sell me the wheels.


                Originally posted by hexe30 View Post
                Sell me the wheels.
                There is a significant line in front of you my friend. I can move you to the very front though if you buy the car ;D

                Post has been edited to include two things I had forgotten about: The turner motorsports reinforcement kit and the transmission bushing issue. I have to say I have been disappointed with the UUC reds since I purchased them but the crumbling is the icing on the cake. Temperature (exhaust heat) does not appear to be a factor since both sides are having the issue . UV exposure isn't an issue since the car has been garaged the entire time I've owned it. If I were to do it again, I'd swap those mounts and the engine mounts for something specifically designed for the application, such as condor speed shop.

                There have been a few questions via PM so I thought I might address some of them here.

                Currently, there are no plans to sell the wheels separately. I know a lot of you have been asking about them but for right now, I'd like them to remain with the car.

                Second, cash is preferred for the car. I would consider a trade but it would have to be exceptional just due to my lack of time to work on it. A couple of examples might be a clean Fox Body Mustang or an E9 BMW. Realistic? Probably not. That being said, I will consider other possibilities but understand that a project car isn't something I can take on right now (hence the sale).

                I plan on leaving this ad solely on R3V until Wednesday to give the community dibs. After that, I will probably start advertising it on some other websites so other enthusiasts have a chance to look at it.

                As always, if you have any questions, PM or contact me via the info in the first post. I've been trying to answer questions as soon as I see them.


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                  Originally posted by jackbenny View Post
                  Second, cash is preferred for the car. I would consider a trade but it would have to be exceptional just due to my lack of time to work on it. A couple of examples might be a clean Fox Body Mustang or an E9 BMW. Realistic? Probably not. That being said, I will consider other possibilities but understand that a project car isn't something I can take on right now (hence the sale).
                  I have a 2011 335d, 380hp and just shy of 600ft/lb while getting 30+mpg. After reading your build thread, a trade would be tempting. Was really set on a e30 vert, but this is a great build :bow:
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                    on the list of craig...


                    Check out my build thread...

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                      bump for a local guy