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1989 325ix Coupe, Automatic, 129k miles

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    1989 325ix Coupe, Automatic, 129k miles

    1989 BMW 325IX
    130k miles

    Location: New Albany OH

    Link to more detailed photos;

    Youtube for wheel spinning test resistance and start/idle;

    The following has been done in the past year:

    Oem catback exhaust & hangers
    Bilstein shocks
    H&R springs
    New head
    New gaskets
    New waterpump
    New timing belt
    Refurbished front strut housings
    New spark plugs
    New ignition wires
    New distributor cap
    New rotor button
    Refurbished ac/heater blower
    Rear window replacement
    Refurbished light switch
    Analog digital clock
    Refurbished original 6 button clock
    New ac/heater resistor
    Refurbished lower dash trim
    New OZ superturismo wheels and new tires
    Renown steering wheel

    I'm sure I am missing a few things.

    Asking $8,998.00

    Car speaks for itself.

    Please feel free to message me with questions, cheers!
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    Very nice AWD Coupe!
    1990 BMW 325iC Triple Black Hard Top, Self-Wrenched, Original Owner Family


      Rare...and in superb condition and well sorted. Shouldn't take long to get this one gone. GLWS

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        Very nice. GLWS

        dlm ny country


          Bump! New photos added and link to more detailed photos!


            Bump Price Drop!



              Very nice iX! All that's missing is a 5 speed and a Tech 1 steering wheel. GLWS


                Interested. Send pm if still available.