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1989 325is e30 S52 Engine

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  • cactusjacks1
    Very nice car & engine swap. Does it have a 5 lug swap?
    When do the current tags expire?

    Do you have any background info on this type of swap & the CA smog police? I've only seen one other swap like this in CA that had the "BAR" smog sticker (meaning that it passed the smog referee test). It sold in San Diego @ a year ago.


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  • Vedubin01
    if your going to build one that is how you do it, very nice man good luck!

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  • mitch500
    bump o nice ride dude.,

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  • bdi_fc
    Originally posted by jflip2002 View Post
    Just noticed it hasnt even been approved by the referee. Shittay.
    A phone call and $40 and suddenly it's not so shitty.

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  • jflip2002
    Just noticed it hasnt even been approved by the referee. Shittay.

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  • Spiff325iS
    If this was December, I would buy this car right now, but I can't :(, I need another 4k$, and I won't have that until december. If you still have this..omg-

    GL with the sale.

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  • jflip2002
    Nice job, 2" lower and it'd be real bad ass. GL with the sale.

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  • bdi_fc
    started a topic 1989 325is e30 S52 Engine

    1989 325is e30 S52 Engine

    I'm moving and don't have room to keep two cars, and I need the 4 doors on the e36 m3 for practicality.
    • 1989 BMW 325is 162,192 miles
    • S52 from a 1996 M3 with OBDI swap 109,192 miles (current) [Swapped at 105,000 miles]
    • Matching ZF 5 speed transmission
    • Matching E36 M3 Steering Rack
    • 3.25 LSD
    • 540 HFM
    • 24 lb injectors
    • Turner ECU/DME Chip
    • New clutch kit installed at swap (pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bearing, etc.)
    • UUC Short Shift Kit (SSK)
    • Lower temperature radiator switch
    • M3 Evo Steering Wheel (new from dealer at time of swap)
    • SPAL thin puller fan
    • Functional A/C (recently recharged with 134a)
    • New O2 Sensor
    • New leather shift boot
    • Keyless entry
    • ABS
    • OE US Projectors

    Misc. Swap Parts:
    • E30 M3 wiring cover over firewall
    • E36 M3 Driveshaft
    • OBDI swap parts (various sensors and intake manifold)
    • Treehouse Wiring Adapter
    • Custom E21 Brakebooster
    • e34 oil pan, oil pickup tube, dipstick (new gaskets, etc.)
    • e36 throttle cable
    • e28 M5 motor mounts
    • New thermostat, water pump (BMW OE)
    • New belts
    • Custom header-back exhaust 2.5" with new cat, resonator, muffler, and OE style tip
    • New driveshaft guibo
    • New oil, filters, etc.

    Pretty much everything I touched I replaced with dealership parts.

    The interior is black on tan, but I have the original mint tan door panels if you'd like them replaced (I can install them when you buy the car or you can pick them up).

    I also have some black vinyl seats from my roommate if you want to complete the interior swap.

    Please post questions! The swap info is on

    The only issues:
    • Cruise control is not hooked up (all functional, just not hooked to throttle plate).
    • The oil level sensor light is on because no oil level sensor is hooked up. There is an oil level sensor on the pan.

    California residents: I will smog the car when you agree to purchase. I will have to take the car to a SMOG referee. After which, it can be smogged anywhere.

    $11,500 obo

    Check out all the pictures:
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