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FS: Random E30/M20 Parts (VA)

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    FS: Random E30/M20 Parts (VA)

    All of these are pieces I've ether purchased for, or received with, previous cars and projects that never got off the ground. I've held on to these long enough and would like to find them homes where they'll be used. A few of these are no longer produced by their respective manufacturers but for whatever reason I can't bring myself to throw out items that might have use for someone else. All prices include shipping and will be done the most cost effective way which is likely to be USPS flat rate. If you want something above and beyond that let me know and I'm sure we can work something out.

    - Febi Bilstein rear shock mounts $12/pair
    New, unused, and I'm including Elring gaskets

    - Gates Racing Timing Belt, T131RB $50
    New, unused

    - Genuine BMW parking brake expanding lock / pin & adjustment screw set; 2x 34416868624, 2x 34411100640, 2x 34416851438 $75
    - New, unused

    - Genuine BMW oil pressure switch, 61311354274 $12
    New, unused

    - Genuine BMW intermediate shaft timing gear, 11311717398 $20
    New, unused

    - Genuine BMW timing cover hook, 11141706959 $sold
    New, unused

    NLA / Discount Item Corner

    - All items for $15 shipped, or, if you're buying something above I'll add one item for $1
    - Unknown CSB: likely URO or Febi based on when I got it, does have INA bearing
    - URO heater hose, 64218367791
    - URO coolant hose, 11531718982
    - URO coolant hose, 13541719966
    - CRP coolant hose, 64218367834
    - CRP heater hose, 64211380527
    - CRP coolant hose, 11531718960
    - Febi Bilstein rear diff mount, 33171135242
    - URO heater hose, 64218367790

    All items located near Blacksburg, VA if you were interested in picking up in person. Reply here or send me a PM if you need anything additional.
    Payment by PayPal or Venmo; if using PayPal the choice is yours to send a gift or for goods, but if for goods will need to add %, prices are net to me.
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    I'll take that timing cover hook

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