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★★★ NEW NEW NEW - True One Touch, plug and play, 2-stage, e36 switch conversion ★★★★

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    ★★★ NEW NEW NEW - True One Touch, plug and play, 2-stage, e36 switch conversion ★★★★

    ★★★★★ Plug and play, true one touch 2-stage, e36 window switch conversion for e30, e30 m3 and e28, e24, e32★★★★★

    True one touch up and down operation(light touch is up/down, hard press is full up and down) - just like new BMW's
    • 100% Plug and Play
    • Lighted e36 2-stage window switch
    • Custom harness and adapter ready to plug and play - no soldering, cutting or messing up your harness
    • Alarm/Keyless entry input for remote window up/down control (amazing on a hot summer day)

    PRICE: Only $160 per window with everything included!!! EVERYTHING! Switches, control units, bezels, custom harness....all in one box. You plug it in, and you have e36 window switches, and touch windows as well - and remote open and close! (you'll see I kinda though of everything)

    Just note - I'm not selling you just a "switch" or a "module"- it's
    the whole system. Based off of the tried and true wc-1000 - with
    a lot of modifications to allow for e36 2-stage switches,
    keyless/alarm remote operation, plug-and-play, ect... All the
    modifications/magic are hidden inside the switch itself, the control
    unit, and in the harness. If it looks like I make it look easy - then I did
    my job.

    What's included?.....Every thing!
    - Control unit
    - Custom, lighted, e36 2-stage switch
    - Custom harness
    - 100% custom adapter
    - E36 bezel (flat base to match the e30 console)
    - Alarm/keyless input for window roll up and down
    - Instructions

    PRICE: Only $160 per window with everything included!!! Shipping is USPS Priority. (w/ tracking).

    Typical alarm install: (Note: This is totally optional)

    FIRST FOUR READY TO SHIP:----------------------
    Unit 1 and 2: JeremyL - PAID AND SHIPPED
    Unit 3 and 4: jborame - PAID AND SHIPPED

    BATCH #1 -----------------------------------

    (Sold only in pairs!!!)


    BATCH #1

    I know a lot of you are really interested in these for the cool factor of the switches (they are soooooo much nicer feeling then the archaic stock e30 switches - stock switches seem more at home on a Buick).....and I know some of you are really interested in the one-touch function. Yea - it's that's a no brainer to want. It's everything you could hope for.

    But I'll tell you the coolest things about these..... Is when you hook them up to a cheap key-less entry system, and on a hot summer day, be able to roll down your windows from a block away.

    Oh, and when you pull up to where ever you're going to....all you have to do is get out of your car, and hit the "lock" button as you walk away. The car locks, the windows zip up. It's not just a time saver...or a "cool guy" kinda move.... it's somehow so gratifying. I can't explain it. It's just one of those things that makes you smile.

    Note on group buy/built to order:
    I've contacted my suppliers to make sure none of the key components will be difficult to source. The control units and the switches are the only variable. So, I'm going to base my limits on those. I would like to think that 2-3 weeks will be the build time - but I reserve the possibility for it to be 4-6 weeks. Control units seem to readily available, and I've been getting them dropped shipped to me from the factory. E36 switches may require more work - but I'm not too considered about it.


    Will you be making these in the future?
    I may only do a few small runs to fund another project.
    I made these cause I wanted them for myself, and a few friends.

    Is this really Plug-and-play?
    Yes. You don't have to do any wiring at all. No cutting, no splicing. Plug and play.

    How hard is it to hook this up to an alarm keyless entry?
    Only two wires to each unit. Window up trigger, and window down trigger. This unit accepts both negative and positive triggers - so it works with any keyless/alarm.[B][SIZE=3][SIZE=2]

    Do I have to enlarge the switch holes in my console?
    Yes. Fitting the switches is trivial. A simple file works well.
    Last edited by george graves; 05-29-2017, 04:19 AM.
    Originally posted by Matt-B
    hey does anyone know anyone who gets upset and makes electronics?

    paypal sent for a pair


      Dips on next two. PayPal sent! :)


        Payment sent for a pair.

        George, i would like to put one on my sunroof if possible, will there be an option to purchase an odd # of switches in the future?

        Originally posted by slammin.e28
        The M30 is God's engine.


          Well, I really hope you can keep the same price for the next batch. Really want to grab a pair of these!

          Thanks again for the time you've spent on this project for the community
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          2001 M3


            dang, and I'm going to need 5... :o

            so are they all gone already? maybe I'll just start with the sunroof..
            Build thread



              So basically these were meant for 2 door E30s? Even if I didn't do the 2 rear doors as Nando stated I would still need 5 switches.

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                George, if I ordered 4, would it come with bezels for a 4-door?
                Build thread



                  I'll look into that (4-door stuff) in a batch #2. (please people - non more 4-door talk - this is aimed at 2-doors for now) - I'll try to think of a reasonable solution. One off the top of my head is to just run 2 one touch switches on the front windows, and e36 large base switches on the rear windows. That seems reasonable.
                  Last edited by george graves; 08-12-2013, 06:39 PM.
                  Originally posted by Matt-B
                  hey does anyone know anyone who gets upset and makes electronics?


                    Paid for a pair! Thanks so much George!
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                      I want these but I'll have to wait untill I get my coupe up and going because I'm in the same boat as Poorboyz with a 7 switch sedan and that would cost more than the car did lol

                      Great looking product though George, please continue serving up stuff like this to the community
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                        Could this be incorporated with GE's keyless entry kit?


                          Originally posted by LoneWolf View Post
                          Could this be incorporated with GE's keyless entry kit?
                          Absolutely. It's made it to work with any keyless/alarm.

                          Remote open and close is a *wonderful* thing.
                          Originally posted by Matt-B
                          hey does anyone know anyone who gets upset and makes electronics?


                            I like the idea of having one touch window switches. But ill have to wait as well. I think they are cool as hell and price is fair I just have more pressing things to do to my car first. Hopefully you will continue to make them for a while.


                              Paid for pair, excited for the 4th GG product on my car. Worth every penny for quality work.
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