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Bosch 19lb/Hr Type 3 injectors and Chip to match.

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    Bosch 19lb/Hr Type 3 injectors and Chip to match.

    Hey guys,

    For sale I have some bosch type III (gen III) 17lb/hr (at 3 bar)(For the time being I am no longer offering 17lb injectors. They are getting harder and more expensive to find. If you must have a set then the fee will increase. Thanks for understanding!) injectors for sale. I will be rebuilding these and selling them here along with 19lb/hr gen III injectors. These injectors are an upgrade to gen I that come in the car and flow 14.5lb/hr at 3 bar using 1 pintle. These injectors are plastic bodied and have 4 pintle design allowing them to flow more efficiently and provide a better spray pattern.

    I also have two chips that I have been using with these that I made that takes advantage of the 17lb and 19lb injectors respectively such that you should see a boost in MPG and more wot power. Cant say how much but it is better than what I had with dinan, and multiple ebay tunes (all of which are different so the ebay wasnt just a dinan rip). The weather seems to drastically effect my mileage despite the fact that my coolant temp sensor ohms out perfectly. I get about 17 when cold as hell and about 19-20 when warm outside (all city). Highway seems to top out around 25-26 no matter what injectors I have.

    **Just a disclaimer. This base tune was given to me by a friend. I have since altered this tune to my liking based on what ive seen in multiple other tunes. Some are more aggressive, some dont touch part throttle, and none address bigger injectors. These tunes are essentially now my own. Hence why I am waiting to get some dyno time in to see what they put down. In a sense no I didnt tune the original map, but I suspect that not even Jim Conforti or Mark D started with blank ( I mean no map ) software. They infact looked at the original software and went from there.

    Some technical info: These injectors are the same physical size as stock injectors. They do not use the factory clips that hold them into the fuel rail. They are simply held in by the pressure on the rail when the four rail bolts are in. This works fine as I have had these in my car for a while now with 0 leaks. These injectors will work fine with the factory tune. You do not necessarily need the chip to run them although without you will most likely not see any increase in fuel mileage. The chips are optimized to the injectors so they dont run to rich. The chips I have right now are only for m20b25 cars, but should work fine if you are running an I conversion stroker. Also these work fine in 4 cylinder e30s as well I just dont have the software to match yet. I am working on that.

    A set of six 17lb or 19lb injectors in 120.00 Shipped in the CONUS.

    Chip and injectors 150 shipped CONUS.

    These injectors all come with new filter baskets, new viton o-rings, new pintle caps, and have been ultrasonically cleaned and checked for flow. If you are interested post up here and you will be contacted as soon as the injectors are ready.

    Btw this is for motronic 1.3 with 173 ecu.
    Thanks :)

    Update: From now on I will only be offering chips with injectors as a package. You can still get injectors without the chip but if you want a chip it will have to be purchased with the injectors. Why am I doing this you ask? Because I have gotten several cases of people asking "Will my chip work with these injectors, and this cam, and yada yada." The fact is that although the chip is sort of a one size fits all deal, i do not know what other setups it will run well with. I however have personally tested them in depth on my car using both injector sets, and therefore am confident providing them in that context.

    No core charge! All orders shipped USPS priority (and I am at the post office as soon as I get payment)! I accept paypal or cash locally for payment!


    Iliad- "I'm running a set of these gen 3 injectors with a matching tune from Mpowerful and wow, my car feels much smoother and no more loud injectors.
    I'll chime back in when I've put enough miles to comment on MPG. "

    e30bulldog- "Bump! I use these injectors and tune on my car and they are GREAT!!!"

    Ryki- "Got my 17# injectors and chip. Gotta say that I'm excited to get Em in. I'll post come February about the performance and gains for the 17s and the 19s when I get Em! Great seller and will work with you for just about anything! "

    Ocell - "The car ran great at the autocross this weekend. Pulled strong and ran smooth. Thanks for shipping the injectors out quickly. "

    Berlow94- "Hot damn! Just threw the #17 injectors in my IX. Feels amazing!"

    Deltron89- "Have had a set Bosch Gen III 19s and a Mpowerful chip installed about a week now. Definitely recommend these. My stock injectors had so much carbon build up I don't even know how it was getting fuel. Car runs way better now even upon start up and cold idle, power delivery is smooth and can feel more power at WOT. Cant add anything on mpg difference as i didn't log miles after fill up with 91. The chip raised the revlimiter and seems to be a perfect tune for the injectors. I would recommend this mod. For the cheap price and ease of install it is definitely worth it. "

    Pics of 17lbers

    This is one before rebuild missing o-rings and pintle cap but it is what you will get.

    Here are the current ones for sale still clipped into my fuel rail. As soon as I am paypaled I take em out and replace em with 19lbs and a chip to test for that :)

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    I'd be interested in picking this up : ) Pm Sent!
    Last edited by Ryki; 12-09-2013, 09:56 PM.


      Pm replied. Gonna take these 17lbers out today to work on 19lb chip.

      Btw i recommend for stock m20b25 the 17lbers as you will never need more and 19lbers for modified.


        17lbers promissed to Ryki pending payment.

        Should have sets of 19lbers and more sets of 17lbers by next week. I will keep this thread updated. : )

        These would make a great christmas gift for someone with an e30!!!!

        17lbers coming out for cleanup and 19lbers going in to test tune. Plus gratuitous test whip shot.

        Last edited by mpowerful; 12-11-2013, 05:19 AM.


          Subscribed. Very nice, will be a great compliment to the i swap I'll be doing on the other eta soon I will ddefinitely be in for a set when I finish getting parts/money.
          85 swartz/metallic 325E
          84 alpine 325E
          85 zinnoberot 318i/R.I.P
          84 Bronzit 318i/sold
          purchase feed back here=


            Hey guys. Have 1 set of 17lb/hr injectors ready to go out tomorrow as well as 2 sets of 19lb/hr. Chips too!!! Msg me!


              Really interested in this and very uneducated on this as well. Is it "plug and play"?
              1991 325i Calypso Coupe

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                Yes both items are plug and play. You do have to install them which is not super difficult. Id say first time for injectors may take an hour. I will write up instructions and send along with them. I have a writeup on how to install the chip.


                  Ready to go.


                    These make great xmas gifts!


                      Did you tune the chip your self? Any dyno charts?

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                        Did not tune it myself ( well lets say i cobbled existing tunes and scaled em to work well with the injectors.). Do not have dyno charts. Waiting on a dyno day to get some. Dyno time is expensive. Of all the tunes i have seen, there is only one more aggressive and i wouldnt run that on a street car. It made 168whp (bone stock.)
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                          Also i offer the injectors without the chip. You can pair em with whatever chip you like. Mine are designed specifically for these sizes though to maximize mileage and wot power.


                            Get em while they are hot!


                              I'm running a set of these gen 3 injectors with a matching tune from Mpowerful and wow, my car feels much smoother and no more loud injectors. :)
                              I'll chime back in when I've put enough miles to comment on MPG.