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FS Ca Bay: BBS Ra 15"x7" ET13 57.1mm $600 Gold/Silver Lip

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    FS Ca Bay: BBS Ra 15"x7" ET13 57.1mm $600 Gold/Silver Lip

    This is a set of BBS Ra 15"x7" ET13 wheels with a 57.1mm centerbore. They are hubcentric and bolt up to any e30, e21, or 2002.

    I have repainted the centers about a month ago with 7 coats of color and 5 coats of wheel-specific clear. The lips are in decent shape and only one has a little ding in it, I would re-do the clear on them to be perfect but they look really good as is.

    They come with center caps but some new stickers would pep them up.

    I was running a 205/50-15 and a 205/55-15 on my e30 and they fit great, a 205/50-15 would work great on the e21 and I think a 195/55-15 would work well on a 2002.

    I want $600 picked up in CA Bay Area. Shipping will run about $100 anywhere in cont. USA and paypal payments will have 3% extra charge.

    NOW $500!!!!

    Also have a pair of Nitto NT450 205/55-15 with about 1k miles on them for an additional $100. (and +$20 to shipping cost)

    This is what three of them look like:

    This is the one with a ding in the lip:

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    Added pics!


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