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Racing Dynamics m20 e30 headers

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    Need moneys, will be watching this thread.

    1988 BMW 325 Super Eta - Elsa



    Originally posted by chadthestampede
    ^ Nothing you post makes any sense.



      and you've got some respectable people on that buy list.

      (I wouldn't count on getting these half price down the road...not from some of those names I recognize and some I personally know at least)

      I don't have the engine work or the cash flow to put one of these in my storage unit so I lose out but I can't wait to see the results in action from you locals.
      Das ist nicht nur nicht richtig, es ist nicht einmal falsch!


        PM sent. I definitely in!

        Der Cherry Bomb


          Say, I'm doing an M30 swap for an e30.. Do you still have those m30 headers or can you make them?


            Originally posted by Huff View Post
            Say, I'm doing an M30 swap for an e30.. Do you still have those m30 headers or can you make them?
            I'll ask RD if they have them.

            Thanks for deposit guys.

            1) fporro, paid.
            2) peerless, paid.
            3) SoCal323i, deposit received.
            4) Delatlanta, deposit received.
            5) mbonder, deposit offered.
            6) bpmack16, interested.
            7) whodwho, interested.
            8.) idanity, interested.


              1) fporro, paid.
              2) peerless, paid.
              3) SoCal323i, deposit received.
              4) Delatlanta, deposit received.
              5) whodwho, deposit received.

              First batch spoken for, I can only add 5 at the time.

              6) tinkerputzer, deposit received.
              7) mbonder, deposit offered.
              8.) bpmack16, interested.
              9) idanity, interested.
              10) badvibrations, interested.

              Thanks again,
              Last edited by fporro; 02-16-2012, 11:53 AM.


                Originally posted by fporro View Post
                I'll ask RD if they have them.
                Great! If they do, I will PayPal as soon as you let me know.



         being tax season and all.

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                    I'm in!


                      those are damn sexy, wish i could afford them


                        im in. let me know where i fit and ill put a deposit down.
                        nando's pic is worth a thous--- 600 bucks for sure
                        no rush for me, which is why i didnt get on the list to begin with
                        sure dont want to miss out though


                          Toast, you got PM.

                          Hey guys,

                          Yesterday I went by Racing Dynamics, met with Federico and increased order to 10 units.

                          - Delivery time still April 15th.
                          - Shipping from RD shop at 92807.
                          - Pick up will be available too.
                          - Ceramic coating available through RD, expecting quote in a few days.

                          As far as m20 parts here, RD has lots of 1+ valves that were never used., nothing else.
                          As far as m20 parts in Italy, some valve covers will come over soon., I'll post them once they're here.

                          Infamous 24 valve head still around, it's in Italy.
                          It is the same head that Johnson (?) made, it was sold to Callaway in CT then it passed on to RD., by then BMW had their new engine, so project was dropped.

                          As Federico explains, it is not the recasting/manufacturing of the heads, it's the further development required to make them available., he's very scientific, more like R(eserch) & D(evelopment).
                          The 24 valve head ran oem m20 belt drive, so that aspect did not changed.
                          It was cast in Italy, by same manufacturer that used to cast BMW oem heads, this particular foundry also handle magnesium.

                          While there we also discuss itb's, intake manifold design, etc.
                          I ended up ordering one custom equal lenght manifold with branches configured as 1/3/5 & 2/4/6 instead of usual 1/2/3 & 4/5/6 branch setup.
                          His eyes lighted up when I explained why I wanted this particular design, he's done some research on that particular topic.

                          By the way, RD has their own Dyno, pre and post header dyno runs.
                          Let me know whom of you SoCal guys has the time to do so.


                          Last edited by fporro; 02-18-2012, 01:03 PM.


                            Sounds like this could be pretty promising! I had my doubts.


                              Man. Long tube headers would be bought if I did not already have a sweet set of short originals.

                              I am so in for a valve cover. Catback is on the want list too. Valve cover for sure.
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                                I had said on another forum where you advertised these that I am interested in a set of these headers. However there wasn't much initial interest so I guess you stopped coming back there.

                                So now I come here to tell you that I am interested :)