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Avoid eBay sport seats by zoomzoomzoom-ing

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    Wow I hope more people see this before purchasing from this guy. I'm sorry for the troubles the seller gave you OP. I almost bought from him a couple weeks ago. I asked for a quote for a recover kit in lotus white, he responded with a number which I felt was a little pricey (his prices have definitely increased since the posting date on this thread) so I passed. I ended up settling on a nice set of Black Leather Sport seats, I actually just picked up yesterday. While it might not be the "true appearance package" interior, and the leather is 20+ years old, I'm glad I didn't give him business.

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      Hey e30 community! Just joined recently and really like this site. I've been an E30 enthusiast for about 10 years now and owned 6. My first e30's pearl beige interior unfortunately was trashed at which time I started learning auto upholstery with my mom's old singer sewing machine. 10 years later I have come a lot further than an old singer. I have 3 german made durkopp adler industrial sewing machines. One machine is a double needle post bed 6mm gauge I use to achieve absolutely perfect double top stitching; much better results than using a single needle machine. I have the patterns for all e30 seats including e30 m3 front and rears. I take pride in getting good feedback from customers that order upholstery from me. I use gutermann thread imported from Germany and color and texture matched leather, vinyl and cloth in pretty much all original e30 colors. I work a full time job and do this as a hobby so I can usually be a little more competitive price wise than other places charging 2 or 3 grand for a leather interior. Give me a private message and see if I can be of help.


        Originally posted by blunttech View Post
        Yeah exactly. All someone would need to do is offer a quality product and deliver on time and they could charge a premium price and make a fortune.
        Just do what you say youre gonna do its really not that difficult
        time for Blunttech to diversify and reap the financial gains ;D
        If it's got tits or tires, it's gonna cost ya!


          I bought a pair in grey. My seat frames were beyond repair or I would have had them done localy. I've had them a year and no issues. I ordered, I payed, they shipped and I installed them at work in the parking lot as soon as UPS left. The price is very fair for what you get.
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            seems you are a unicorn in this thread


              More photos than an off an off angle Instagram shot?
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                Here you go. I called him first and mentioned the negative things I have read and wanted to get his reaction. I was satisfied that he was genuine and not desperate for business. I also priced having them done at a shop his seemed like a good deal. Also answered the phone every time. Their is always 2 sides to every story. Or mabey I just got lucky.
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                  Listen, I did not post this to say that the OP is wrong. In fact, I am stunned that Steve did not do what is right and refund him. No excuse. Unhappy customer means no pay. Imagine the business he lost because of his stubbornness. I posted this because there is a need for his product and maybe if you call him and explain your expectations first he will learn something. Mabey he Already has.


                    Thanks for the warning!

                    I recently noticed Ebay user zoomzoomzoom-ing's listings, and was contemplating his seats as an option. I know this is an old thread, but I see no indication that the seller ever made it right (feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken).

                    What I don't understand is how can the seller have 100% positive feedback (3884 transactions) when there are at least 3 people in this thread who reported bad experiences? I can't imagine they didn't bother to leave feedback!
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                      Guys, my family's Upholstery shop is in Los Angeles.
                      Hyperion Auto Interiors
                      2340 Hyperion Ave.
                      Los Angeles, Cal., 90019

                      It's not cheap as far as pricing but, not looking to get rich off 1 customer.
                      Like I stated earlier in this thread, *cheap work isn't good & good work isn't cheap*
                      Most of us, will spend a lot of money on our beloved cars yet, fail hard when it comes down to completing the whole project, that our cars are.
                      We will spend over $1k on Chinese coilovers, hundreds of dollars on bushings, clips and tons of miscellaneous, along with swapping motors, overpriced wheels but, when it comes to upholstery we don't dare want to spend a good amount of money.
                      All I'm saying is, that if you put that much money and effort on everything else, don't cheap out on getting your car seats upholstered in your town. Hell you may end up with one of the baddest cars in town, maybe even a show car.

                      Hit me up if you want to stop by the shop for a no strings attached quote. There's been quite a few local guys that have had their cars entirely done, so don't be afraid to check out the shop.
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                      @IRON-E30 aka Edwin:D


                        Dear Drtwofish:

                        I feel your pain. I have been screwed by high volume vendors on eBay as well. On two occasions, eBay scrubbed my negative and neutral comments on the vendors who cheated me. The entire system is based upon the credibility of the eBay feedback system, but that system has become corrupted. I no longer use eBay.



                          I have to say, it's June 2022 and Steven sperling hasn't changed. I wish I'd seen this post before buying from him. I restore old BMWs for a living and thought that zoomzoomzooming like good with tons of positive feedback.. Only 1 negative infact. He talks a good talk but DOESN'T follow through or provide a good product. His shop is in Gardena shop I went and visited him and hired him to redo seats on a 1987 BMW. I took it the seats and delivered them to him. About a month later he returned seats with a different hue than what I recalled purchasing but I could look past that. He said he'd send me a receipt for email but didn't.

                          God I wish I'd liked say the work now closely before leaving. My issues don't sound as bad as soon people but I'm hitting a shop to remove and repair. He left cuts where they shouldn't be and never reconnected all of the hardware.

                          Steven sperling always has a reason to not be there and blame you. Today he didn't show up to repair the seat his people messed up. I waited at his shop and finally received a text telling me I forgot to contact him an hour before do he wasn't coming. He told me he'd sent a text informing me to do so but driver I failed it was my fault. So I'm on my way to file in small claims.

                          I sent him pictures but he didn't care. Now I have to get a local shop to remove and repair what he screwed up.

                          Bottom line, never use Steven sperlings zoomzoomzoom-ing.. horrible customer service, poor quality garbage.