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Final Sale

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    Final Sale

    I'll try my best to list everything I have but all of these items are new unless listed otherwise and are final sale items. All items do not include shipping unless noted. You can PM me for details.

    * Lester M-Tech II Front Spoiler for late models / $200
    * Lester M-Tech II Front Bumper Cover for late models / $200
    * Lester M-Tech II Rear Bumper Cover w/ Valance for late models / $300
    * Lester M-Tech II Front Bumper/Spoiler Combo for early models / $500
    * Reiger side skirts (new but has skuffs/etc) / $180
    * IS Side Skirts (no hardware or caps) / $280
    * Alpina Type 162 (newish, has minor surface scratches) / make an offer
    * Turn Signal Lenses (smoked or clear / early or late) $35 shipped. Please PM for quantity.
    * Side Turn Signals (smoked or clear) / $35 shipped. Please PM for quantity.
    * M Oil Cap / $10
    * Grey Floor Mats SET / $90 shipped
    * Black Floor Mats SET / $90 shipped
    * Beige Floor Mats SET / $90 shipped
    * Beige Motorsport Floor Mats SET / $90 shipped
    * Grey Motorsport Floor Mats SET / $90 shipped
    * Anthracite Motorsport Floor Mats / $90 shipped

    Would like to see pics of whatever floor mats you have left. Sad to see you guys no longer doing this stuff. I always had good experiences buying from you guys.
    Autobahn Motorsport - Portland, Oregon
    '88 M5 | '88 535i | '88 325i | '88 325is | '88 330is | '91 325is | '91 M-Technic 325ic | '93 740il | '03 530i


      ANT MS:
      Beige MS:
      BLK MS:

      They will look the same without the MS embroidery.

      Thanks for the feedback. With my father having a life changing accident in 2016; it was just a lot to handle and it's time. Will try to update this thread as I get more stuff out of storage.


        Please wish him our best!


          Pictures of items for sale are required per forum rules. Please post some. Thanks in advance.
          Originally posted by kronus
          would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


            Photos of the items here, will try to add more as I add more to the list.