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    Seller's communication was great. Checked in on shipping, got a tracking number, poopin04 OVERNIGHTED the package and didn't up the price at all.

    Overall I'm pretty damned impressed with the packaging. Kept everything packed safe, nothing shifting or rattling inside the box on arrival. It survived FedEx.. do I need to say more?

    Great price for the item including shipping. I'm very happy.
    Slowly, slowly piecing together a real car.. :oops:

    Very reliable person do business with. He promised me that he would send $ in a few days and he did. Quick to response and follow up even after the item was delivered. Good guy..


      Can't say enough good things about this seller. Overnighted for me when I needed the part quick. Was quick in responding and awesome to deal with.


        Excellent communication, goods just as described, EXTREMELY FAST SHIPPING and one helluva cool guy.

        Would definitely do business again!

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          No words can possibly describe how awesome this guy is. He is the most honest person I have ever done business with on r3v. If he ever asks you to hold an item he wants and says he'll send the money at a certain point, he will, he will send it on the exact day/time all the way down to the millisecond. I highly recommend doing business with him.

          If only more r3v members were like him it would be a much better place.

          Thanks again Darrel!

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            Great seller and extremely fast shipping, bought the stuff end of day Thursday and it was at my door on Monday morning. Thanks again


              Seller Feedback

              Pleasure to deal with. More than fair prices. Great communications. Quick shipping. And he more than happy to work with someone with zero posts. In fact, I quit lurking just to buy something he had for sale. Many thanks, again!!


                I drink beers in the parking lot of car meets with this guy. Good dude.

                The Build:


                  Good deal the price was great, the next day delivered to my door. Awesome!


                    Great doing business with him. Held parts for me and even took quick look around my car to see if anything stuck out to him (I'm an e30 noob). Would do business with him again.

                    I'm a noob. I'm an E30 noob. So most of my questions will be glorious display of noobility. I apologize in advance.

                    I lurk no more.


                      Hard to find something great that hasn't already been said. Great seller etiquette from this guy. Constant communication on packing and shipping status. - 10/10 would buy
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