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    STAY CLEAR !!!!
    Seems like he's now not even willing to refund/send items back. Was quoted 3 weeks turned around time in May. Sent my mtech2 steering wheel and paid for wrap along with ebrake boot and new M logo. It's now been over 3 months, after multiple emails with lies about sending the wrapped wheel asap, I got tired of having to chase him around and be lied to, I asked for a refund about 2 weeks ago. At this point he hasn't sent my wheel back nor sent me my refund and is now not even responding to me. The worst part is that I can get my money back through paypal, but he has my steering wheel, which I have no way of getting back. Will probably have to go through small claims.

    Ohh and his website is no longer up.
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      hes still on Instagram. doesn't post though. i was in the same situation. i ordered my wheel around xmas time. got it around May, after hounding him. He gave me my shift boot that came with my wheel but forgot the ebrake cover. He refunded me for the ebrake cover. But yeah id stay away.


        Yeah I’ve tried Instagram, calls and text are not getting returned. Found another victim in the same situation as me through his Insta posts, so he’s definitely doing something shady.


          Sad that it's come to this. Still enjoying the MT1 wheel that Jordan recovered for me about 4 years ago
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            Came here looking for answers as it looks like I'm another victim. He's had my Mtech 1 steering wheel since the beginning of June. He told me had he family issues, then COVID, now emails aren't being answered. I have no problems with someone if they are down in life and need time but I think I've been suckered. :(


              I found another victim through his Instagram. The story Jordan told me before going MIA was that he started a full time job at a dealership and that’s why there’s a delay.


                Ugggg count me in on this.

                mtech 1 (e28) said it would ship the week of July 9th and now he has been MIA.

                I have launched a PayPal claim which so far he is not responded to but I really just want the wheel back.

                Feel free to reach out to me here or on Insta @ Giant_Killer_Racing.

                I think we should get a list together and call his dealer principal and let them know what their employee is up to. He will respond promptly I am sure
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