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m52 - Speed Signal

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    m52 - Speed Signal

    Hi everyone I know this issue has been discussed a lot and I found some helpful info but I am still lost..

    I have 1991 BMW 318is with M52 swap I didn’t do it I bought the car with it. I had a lot of code but one still remains a mystery to me “ Speed Signal”

    I did couple test and nothing
    1. Rolling car in neutral Rpm stay the same they don’t go up to 1000rpm
    2. Disconnected the differential sensor nothing just the cluster doesn’t work same thing
    3. Check engine light comes on only while driving above 65mph and for over then 10 miles
    4. Street driving and redline doesn’t trigger speed signal only freeways
    5. Check engine turn on redline drops to 6500 vs 7000
    6. I set my idle to be around 900 it still idles round 700

    I took my wirring harness apart yesterday I found black and white cable on the e36 side pin 14 I think where should it go to on e30 side I have a 1991 with air bag? Any pictures would be great

    Also ABS light is on as soon as the key is turned it comes on and doesn’t turn off at all… I been trying to find abs relay under the dash I had no luck at all can someone help me out

    ABS relay is under the cap of the ABS module itself. As to the rest of that i have no clue. I also bought an E30 that had been swapped with an M50 by the P.O. I know what you are going through!
    Good luck!
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      Thank you ... How do you like m50


        "Speed signal not ready" ? same code for me and the same " Check engine turn on redline drops to 6500 vs 7000"