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    Northern California BAR Station

    I have heard that some BAR stations have inspectors that are "nicer" than others. Let me know what Northern California BAR station would you recommend or what station to stay away from. Granted, you can't pick the referee, but some are better than others. Let me know, Thanks!

    las positas college in livermore is more forgiving, i have talked with them about several of my personal swaps and they are more flexible and understanding of swaps, there are a few people that have got their e30 cars bar'd there too, i have 3 cars coming up in the next yr to get bar'd

    1) e30 /s50
    2) 92 gmc sierra cc dually 5.9cummins diesel turbo swap
    3) 2004 toyota sienna 3.5 v6 swap

    also my sons 99 mitsubishi evo 6.5 clone will be going thru there in the next yr or so

    so i know i will be on a first name basis with the ref guy so hopefully he will be in a good mood when he can do fun projects to bar.