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M52 e30 trackday cooling options

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    M52 e30 trackday cooling options

    Alright guys so let me start out with this, This is my first e30 and my first post. So I’m a bit new to it all here.

    Basically in short, I’m wondering what kind of cooling systems some of you guys that track your cars are running. I’ve read that the z3m (s54) radiators are drop in, which would be preferable. I’m curious though if an e36 mishimoto would also fit?

    My car is an M52B28/M50 intake, 91 318is. There isn’t a lot of room up front between the radiator and the motor and I’m fairly certain it’s just the little old e30 radiator that’s still in the car paired with a 180° Tstat.

    What I’m going to try is an aluminum 3 core mishimoto fit for an e36, with an old ford torus sho fan in front.

    Any objections or better ideas? Would love to hear what the boys are running.

    Also I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong place.

    The tried and true method for many, and what I run in Lola, is a Spal puller on the back of your aluminum (E30) radiator of choice.
    Originally posted by kronus
    would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


      Originally posted by agent View Post
      The tried and true method for many, and what I run in Lola, is a Spal puller on the back of your aluminum (E30) radiator of choice.
      Hmm.. I don’t think thats going to be enough for me. With the original e30 radiator and 180 tstat it’s hardly enough to keep cool on its own everyday use. Especially After a few hot laps on the skid pad it got pretty hot. Day to day it works fine. Sometimes I’ll have to turn my heat on to pull heat away from the motor if driving for awhile then suddenly sitting in traffic.

      Maybe a better fan might do the trick. I’m unsure what cfm my little one is pushing.


        I have e39 fan and it's enough to cool the car even on hot days at track use. Also drifting. It just needs 50amp fuse to work because it's beefy one. And because of that new bigger wiring.


          OP I track our 24v e30 in the desert where temps are close to 100 by mid day. I have a pusher fan on the e36 Mishimoto radiator and it works pretty good, barely going over half before kicking in.
          I should have gone OEM with Z3M radiator and factory pusher due to the vibration of the Mishimoto pusher fan, and will if something fails.
          You will probably want to check out 328ijunkie's fan wiring thread.


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            This is awesome thank you!!

          I am really happy with my set up and have had no issues for over 10 years on my S52. Car is a 1987 325 sedan.

          Stock e36 radiator. I think mine is a Behr.
          I am using the Diesel Mechanical fan.
          I replaced the water pump with a Stewart unit.
          When I installed the 88 degree thermostat, I drilled a tiny hole in it for air bleeding purposes.
          I am not running an electrical fan at all.

          I beat the crap out of this car. I am in Georgia and often go to Roebling Road in the summer heat. I have never had any temp issues.