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S52/318iS Resurrection

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    S52/318iS Resurrection

    Just picked up a 1991 318iS with an S52 swap. It was in great shape when parked but the seller left it uncovered for the last 7 years and the UV has destroyed the paint and the leather is nice and crispy. I’m going to work to get it back running and then will be stripping and painting and addressing all other cosmetics. I’m stoked to breathe life back into this beauty.

    - S52 swap
    - AC Schnitzer Type 1 wheels in 16” and 4x100
    - M5 clutch and UUC lightweight flywheel
    - 3.73 diff
    - Came will all new window and door gaskets
    - Came with replacement, crack free dash

    - Paint is deteriorated
    - Leather is dry and crispy
    - Some plastic fading

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    More photos.
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      Got it washed and rinsed for a look without the moss growth. Lol.
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          Car was picked up last week for a full, glass out, paint job in original Diamond Schwarz. Should be back in 4-5 weeks.

          After paint, I’m installing all new window rubber and shadow line trim. Also have a crack free dash that I may install while the glass is out.


            Car was worked, primed, and then painted. Looking good so far. Still needs to be sanded, polished, and assembled. Having trouble finding all new gaskets and seals in stock.


              Can't wait to see the final results. Swap looks clean and I always like ACS wheels.

              Some of the seals were hard to find prior to all these recent supply chain issues so you might need to dig deep into alternates like ebay, etc. and spend a bit more $$ in the process or compromise with used parts until things get better.


                Click image for larger version

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                  Back on the road for the first time in 9 years. 2013 plates still on it. Drove really well. Ran it for about 30 minutes. Burning out a little old gas and burning off some old oil for from sitting but she is holding straight, driving true, braking well, and otherwise is ready for minor exterior clean up and an interior overhaul. Stoked!

                  - paint
                  - rebuilt both front calipers
                  - oil change
                  - coolant flush and change
                  - brake fluid flush
                  - fuel pump
                  - crack free dash install

                  Fired right up after the new battery and fuel pump were installed. The tach is reading oddly high. When cruising at 50mph it sits at 5000 rpm. When I get into it I surpass redline and bury back to zero. I’ll try and figure out the tach issue soon. Fuel gauge isn’t working. Need a new sensing unit I believe. The new pump didn’t come with it assembled.


                    Click image for larger version

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                      WOW, talk about a night-and-day difference with that fresh paint job!

                      Do you have any more pictures?
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