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dbw for ms41.2?

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    dbw for ms41.2?

    Is it possible to use the dbw e46 pedal with an ms41.2 ecu?
    If not, is it possible to use ms43 on a m50?

    Trying to see if this route is viable or should i just go with an ecumaster and do it that way?

    I’d do Link over ecu master. But it comes down to how fluent is the standalone to the tuner you’re going to use.

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      If I was going to standalone I was thinking ecumaster for the plug and play for the od2 harness so I wouldn't have to get another harness to do the plug and play for link e36x ecu.

      I think Rama does ecumaster and he is in Sydney so if i was thinking if I went down that route I'd just visit him?

      But could I ask why link over ecumaster? Is it just better? If so I'd go through the hassle of doing a repinned m50tu harness.


        MS41 has zero hardware for DBW.

        MS43 can be used on a single vanos M5x, check out ba114 's build thread (although he retrofit the dual vanos onto an M50NV head, so no longer single vanos) starting around post 187:

        Link E36X is vague about DBW support, I think it supports some DBW E-Throttles but not others, otherwise requires a separate module.
        Also a shame it has the OBD1 M50TU connector instead of the MS41 connector/pinout.

        I think Ecumaster EMU Black does support DBW and is basically just as capable, plus has the OBD2 PNP adapter.
        Only immediately obvious downsides are the higher price, and it doesn't seem to have onboard storage for logging.
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          Thanks for the reply and confirming that 41 wont do it.
          Awesome, been reading the emu black manual. Looks like it will do the job. Maxxecu also looks like a good option too with a plug and play option.
          Price is fine if it does everything I need it to do. Lack of data logger sucks but I did see they have a logger module which I'll just have to factor in.


            FWIW, MS43 will pitch a cow if you try to run it on a single vanos motor.
            I suppose you could recode it, but at that point, standalone's more flexible.

            And MS43's DBW is more than 20 years old now.

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