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Any OBD2 s52 peeps with m50 manifold and m50 fuel rail

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    Originally posted by johnwoo View Post
    Resurrecting again. Did a search on which rail for the s52 obd2 swap. Swap is in just need fpr. I ordered a e39 fuel rail above pn listed. It has the integrated fpr. I was going to pick up a new fpr since the rail is used. Iím getting different pn. The one listed for the rail is 13531436110 but there is another listed for the m52 from the e36 that mwishlist posted 13531729319 just need to make sure I snag the right one thanks
    As long as it's 3.5 bar, you should be fine. I've been running mine, the part number above, about 20k miles so far with no issues.
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