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  • ForcedFirebird
    Originally posted by digger View Post
    is the step in the torque at 4200-4300 on some of the curves a vanos thingy
    Yes and not so easy to tune out.

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  • ForcedFirebird
    Lol, I like this the best...
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  • 328ijunkie
    I like when it looks like this ;)

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  • ForcedFirebird
    Originally posted by DesertBMW View Post
    Stock tunes are realy good. I doubt some of the dyno results, you can never get a steady linear power and torque increase from start to end with just a tune. More air did not get into the engine so from were did you create 10hp/10tq overall. Usualy there would be a loss in torque then gain in HP and other way around.
    Have you ever spent any time tuning on a dyno? I have before/after that gained 40wtq and 40whp. Same dyno, same day, consecutive runs. Can send you the WinPep files if you like.

    Nice work, Dave. I love going to the dyno, nothing like chasing the power, and only keeping the previous run for comparison. Then the real fun is when you lay the last run on the first one to compare :)

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  • digger
    is the step in the torque at 4200-4300 on some of the curves a vanos thingy

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  • mpowerful
    If I had the money id have you dyno tune my setup when I am up there next month. Ugh money where art thou!

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  • The Dark Side of Will
    Markert built the 3.64 viscous diff which will eventually go into my dad's iX.

    I may swing down there for tuning when we get the S52 332iX running.

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  • 2mAn
    Love the #s, cant wait to see what my M52 w/ S52 cams & 3.5" MAF does.

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  • Wanganstyle
    Originally posted by 328ijunkie View Post
    Not to be an ass but your lack of knowledge on the subject is showing...

    I um copied a bunch of maps and now i can "tune". Let me buy one of your DME's and copy it

    Originally posted by DesertBMW View Post
    Stock tunes are realy good. I doubt some of the dyno results, you can never get a steady linear power and torque increase from start to end with just a tune. More air did not get into the engine so from were did you create 10hp/10tq overall. Usualy there would be a loss in torque then gain in HP and other way around.

    ???? Do you have any more of that high THC weed man? I could really use some my back is sore.

    These are NA engines; unless there are 2 turbochargers in a Sequential operation there will not be a loss in torque to gain more hp like if one was to convert 2 turbos originally in sequential operation to work in parallel.

    any mapping changes should be linear. One can easily increase or decrease the power a small amount; DE-tuning for LESS power of bmw engines is often done for NASA GTS racing series.

    Have you ever setup and driven a Standalone Computer car? - seems like there is some lack of actual doing.......
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  • nando
    Originally posted by 328ijunkie View Post
    Not to be an ass but your lack of knowledge on the subject is showing...
    hakkenTT strikes again!

    nice #s especially on the "beater"

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    cool info..thnx for the share.

    "S52 E36 with M50 manifold, intake, stock cams, and a variant of bimmerworld race exhaust, before and after does this car make so much friggin power???

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  • 328ijunkie
    Originally posted by DesertBMW View Post
    Stock tunes are realy good. I doubt some of the dyno results, you can never get a steady linear power and torque increase from start to end with just a tune. More air did not get into the engine so from were did you create 10hp/10tq overall. Usualy there would be a loss in torque then gain in HP and other way around.
    Not to be an ass but your lack of knowledge on the subject is showing...

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  • DesertBMW
    Stock tunes are realy good. I doubt some of the dyno results, you can never get a steady linear power and torque increase from start to end with just a tune. More air did not get into the engine so from were did you create 10hp/10tq overall. Usualy there would be a loss in torque then gain in HP and other way around.

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  • 328ijunkie
    started a topic Markert Motor Works Dyno Thread (many inside)

    Markert Motor Works Dyno Thread (many inside)

    Check out our full tuning line here:!bmw-ecu-tuning/cd6w

    This is to not only illustrate our dyno tuning but also the various capabilities of various setups... All runs done on the same dyno, obviously not exactly around the same time but we love this dyno because it is consistent (although reads generally low compared to many others)

    The Dyno we use is DynoProven LLC

    And keep in mind please dont take the 'Peak' numbers to heart solely as there will without a doubt be dynos elsewhere that will read higher or lower than this one. It is simply to show power band differences as well as the capability of these setups with proper tuning.

    "The Beater" My shop car: M52 w/ S52 cams and M50 manifold. Stock OBD2 headers and a nice exhaust setup.
    Before on Stock US 328 tune (but with mods) and then tuned after 4 runs. Low end still needs some work (playing with vanos)

    Update 9/21/15
    Years later, a different M52 (blew the other one up, overrev) later, and headers, i finally retuned my beater track car! (vs previous run shown above).

    SpecE36 328: Customers track car build. Stock from airbox to headers, bimmerworld race exhaust after that. Stock then tuned.

    Another SpecE36 328, This one with stock midpipe and M3 muffler

    E36 328 Track Car: S52 Cams, M50 Manfold, Stock airbox and E36 Obd2 exhaust (including muffler) Stock tune vs tuned

    S52 E36 with M50 manifold, intake, stock cams, and a variant of bimmerworld race exhaust, before and after tune.

    The beater vs the 328 track car w/ M50/cams. Beater has 'intake/exhaust' vs stock e36 stuff on the other car. Note the significant low end differences but keep in mind these are two completely different cars...

    Beater full tune vs SpecE36 328 full tune.

    This is what an S52 looks like with WRONG cam timing, tuned it slightly off our off the shelf tune but the timing is freaking everything out (obviously) ;)

    E39 M5, If nothing else for reference on what the dyno we go to reads for other cars... Good running M5 too! Look at that epic flat torque curve...

    E36 328, Intake, catback and M50 manifold. Needs cams badly or the stock Intake manifold, off the shelf vs dyno tuned...

    Stock E36 S52 with the wrong spark plugs. Breaking up everywhere. :(

    Update 10/1
    M52 with M50 manifold before and after tune.

    (Eli)M52 with M50 manifold vs (Beater)M52 with M50 manifold and S50/52 cams

    (Eli) M52 with M50 manifold vs Stock M52 with tune

    2 Different M50's vs a M52 Stock (with our Tune), M50s are unknown whether they are chipped or what (we dont play with 413's. Despise them)

    Update 10/7
    Went to the dyno again yesterday to do another E36 M52, with M50 manifold and S52 cams. Had stock E36 OBD2 headers and midpipe, aftermarket intake and catback. Pre and post tune. (had an off the shelf shark injector before)

    Update 10/8/14
    Tuned a E46 M today:

    Update 11/5/14
    Alum M52 Z3 with S52 cams/M50 manifold. First run on off the shelf shark injector with cams timed wrong, 2nd run after fixing that and full tune, 3rd run was deleting the cat and making a better merge over the factory Z3 midpipe...

    Update 12/18/14
    M52, S52 Cams, M50 manifold. Dont have a 'no tune' run sadly. The fist run was on my off the shelf tune...
    This Pic is before and after fixing the vanos and changing the exhaust merge from a magnaflow crap one to a nice mandrel bent one and adding a muffler in place of a resonator.

    Off the shelf vs dyno tune (prevanos/exhaust work)

    Progression of before and after on each prevanos/exhaust and post. You can see the exhaust mod affected it slightly up top but it sounds tons better!

    S52 Dyno tune vs my off the shelf tune. Schricks, intake, 3.5" MAF, M50 manifold, 24lb injectors, stock E36 OBD2 headers, midpipe, and a UUC catback. Needs exhaust work badly to open it up. And again 3.5" MAF and injectors does nothing to add power, was already on car when customer purchased it.. Didnt get a base non tuned run :(

    Update 2/17/15
    Tuned a M54 swapped E30 today!
    Stock M54B30 with E36 OBD2 headers

    M54 Vs M52 with M50 manifold

    M54 vs M52 with M50 manifold and S52 Cams

    Update 2/25/15
    Tuned a powerdyne 5-5.5psi supercharged M50 mani S52. I had previously did a quick and dirty tune on it 4-5 months ago and thats the first run shown. The car then went from stock OBD2 headers/midpipe to a nice ~2.75" single w/mufflers and ebay headers which is run 2 on the same tune. I then retuned it from there.... MAF setup is now maxing out at ~6k where it was perfectly fine before the exhaust work. Thats the dip you see at 6k.

    6/10/15 Retune
    Forgot to post this from a while back. Earlier dyno tune on pump gas vs running full E85 here.

    Update 3/2/15
    Tuned another SC S52 and an S54 swapped E46 Touring we built.
    S54 325iT, pre and post tune

    Getting the AFRs where i want them ;)

    Another S52 SC car. This one is a VF running 7psi through the stock E36 exhaust setup.
    This car we built with no tune that came with the blower and i tuned it from scratch. The first run is my base tune and then revising it to the final revision...

    S52SC's Versus S54

    Update 3/2/15
    Customer Car came in as OBD1 S52 with M50 manifold and a off the shelf Name brand chip for said setup i wont name. OBD2 headers and a cone on the MAF. Brought car to shop, threw OBD2 harness/ecu/sensors on it, changed nothing else and results are below

    Did 3 runs, based my other comparisons off the middle of the 3.

    Stock US Tune vs OBD1. Dip is from vanos shutting off early because of missing VSS...

    OBD2 Base vs OBD2 tuned

    OBD1 vs OBD2

    Here is the revisions on the OBD2. Playing with vanos after flashing my Off the shelf tune and tweaking slightly (bringing timing down as far as possible without affecting power). Back to back to back runs other than the ~1.2 min flash time.

    So basically ~10w/tq from going to OBD2 with no other changes. My off the shelf tune vs fine tuning it on dyno changed nearly nothing (other than fixing vanos bomb) as ive gotten the off the shelf tune pretty down after a while.

    Again there is the obvious possibility that the OBD1 tune could have been revised further to make the same numbers but my point still stands. This will be more reliable, smoother overall, and when it does mess up, give you meaningful feedback as to whats going on.

    3/20/15 Update
    Tuned another E46M3 With exhaust work (stock headers) and stock airbox


    And another M54B30 (this time in an E46) with no muffler, cone on MAF and stock everything else:

    3/27/15 Update
    Tuned an entry level IP car today. Had an AA tune on it from a few years ago. Tweaked a few things and we get magic! ;)
    M50 Manifold, Intake, Stock headers, track pipe and catback, stock cams.

    Update 4/4/15
    Bone Stock 99 M coupe. Shark Injector vs MMW tune

    SpecE30 AFM tweak

    Update 4/7/15
    No tuning here, just a dyno to dyno comparison... Car is an M52 318ti, M50 manifold, S52 Cams, Headers, Exhaust, 3.5" MAF, BBTB
    A shops dyno in atlanta with their tune on it:

    Same car same tune on the dyno we use (Switched run to SAE because the other shops dyno is run on SAE):

    STD Run:

    4/23/15 Dyno Rental!
    Rented dyno for full day, dyno tuned a bunch of cars, baselined a few others. More to come later

    S54 Racecar Pre/Post

    10PSI SC M3 Tuned from Scratch so no real baseline if you will. Stock OBD2 Headers/Midpipe. Air to air intercooler VF V3

    The Earlier 5.5psi SC car compared to this new 10psi SC S52 M3

    SpecE36 M50. Bone stock from airbox to headers.

    Tuned another ZM3 coupe with a Stock S52. This one has an M50 manifold though....

    ZM3 with M50 manifold vs the earlier ZM3 with stock manifold i tuned a few weeks ago. Obviously not the same car but dont see any low end losses from M50 manifold. Both cars (other than the one with M50 manifold) were bone stock from airbox to exhaust tips including ASC TB and all

    OBD2 (M52/S52) manifold showing its profile on a fully tuned stock SpecE36 M52 and the earlier stock MCoupe S52. Notice the dip from ~55-6400.

    S52 E30 with dead cluster (no VSS) our off the shelf tune vs dyno tuned. You can see that without the VSS signal at all the vanos shuts off all wrong and ~6870 limiter. Not something i have to code completely out as usually as long as theres a VSS at all (although scaled wrong), ECU doesnt bitch.

    Update 5/20/15
    Bone Stock E46 M3 track car, ~135k on odo. Got 20whp out of it, which nearly never happens...

    Update 5/26/15
    Did fuel filter and plugs on car shown above and then retuned... Maintenance before mods!

    Highest HP M3 ever on our Dyno
    E46 M3, BW headers and Race Exhaust, Intake and stock airbox:
    Car came in with a mildly modded by TRM stock tune and put down the baseline numbers which are the highest baseline weve ever seen. After tuning we ended up at 344whp!! Insanity!!!

    Update 6/3/15
    Tuned another S54 today, this time it was in an E30 and a R3v Members!
    Stock airbox, some crazy 3.5" exhaust, also let some oil out on dyno as it was overfilled slightly. Nando Euro Tune vs Dyno tune.

    And yet another E36 M52. M50 Manifold, S52 cams, OBD2 headers, OBD1 midpipe
    Stock US tune vs Full tune

    Another E46M3, this one bone stock. 125k on the clock...


    Also Tuned a WAR Chiped OBD1 S50. Ended up ripping out war chip and just throwing a regular 413/chip in there when all was said and done. Car had nice headers/midsection, intake and stock other than that.

    Redynoed my personal POS finally.
    Previous was full tune with M52, M50 manifold, stock headers/midpipe, intake
    After run is New tune (run 20) with S52 cams being the only change...

    So basically with a tune S52 Cams on a M50 manifold Car are worth 25whp :P

    Been having some fun trying to make some power in this heat! Every baseline run car is relatively cool, and while tuning its burning hot!
    Tuned two S54s recently. One was remotely in Texas for GSR, a S54 E36 swap.:
    S54, intake, Ebay headers, BW merge, some crazy (not brilliant) exhaust setup after that.


    Bone stock 35k SMG E46M3


    Tuned another S54 Swap today. Car already had my off the shelf swap tune. S54 in an E36, BW race exhaust, ebay headers, stock airbox, ghetto intake

    Finally Finished tuning a SCS52E30M3. Car came in as OBD1 S52, we baselined it then converted to OBD2 and put a AA Stg1 C38 kit on it and tuned on pump gas, then tuned again on race gas with a separate ECU. Car has shorty headers, M50 manifold, and the most horrendous exhaust ive ever seen :(. Heat was also a killer here, the customer and us both were hoping for a little bit higher numbers but temps at the dyno were 100+ constantly + a non IC blower

    Pump gas vs OBD1:

    Race Gas Vs OBD1

    Then Tuned a E46 330i, Car had headers, AFE Intake, and muffler. DISA changeover could use some love. Car was already previously tuned by someone else best i can gather, speed limiter, rpm limiter, throttle maps and some timing was changed. fueling wasnt changed though.

    Tuned a E90 M3 today! Bone stock 30K mile car. Test Pipes coming next.

    Early August
    2011 Stock E90 M3: Stock then tuned then added matt schnell testpipes and retuned

    Retuned a shop 335i with new fancy inlets. Still stock turbos!

    Late August
    Finally finished up a S54 E36 swap tuning. Epic Headers, 3" exhaust, CSL airbox, Magnaflow race cat, first run is before tune with no cat, second is adding cat with base tune, third is revising tune on dyno

    E60 535i with 160k on it! First line was JB4 only map 5, second line is FBO (intercooler, DCIs, Downpipes) and our tuned Flash, little bit of E85 too.

    Dyno tuned a pretty badass car we built. 99Z3 coupe, originally M52TU, Swapped with an M52. AASC Rotrex 13psi, intercooled, meth, m50 manifold, s52 cams, stock motor otherwise. 2 runs are max power on pump and then after turning meth on and retuning with it. Not bad for a 2.8L!

    Retuned an earlier ZM3 coupe. Bone stock S52 with dyno tune before to M50 manifold dyno tune after. No other changes, still full stock exhaust etc... As you can see the M50 manifold loosing torque no matter the tune myth has been dispelled.

    Tuned another E92 M3. Pulleys and Intake and mufflers swapped to vibrant resonators.

    Tuned a SpecE46 today *(Which is required to run a 'SpecE46' Epic Motorsports Tune per spec class rules) just to see what it would really do.
    Fairly Impressive:

    This Car vs two other SpecE46s on same dyno running SpecE46 Tune:

    3 different SpecE46s. 'JAbase' is a bone stock US tune (with limiter bump), the other two are running the Required SpecE46 Flash.

    Unless the rules change, car will have to purchase SpecE46 Tune :(

    Update 11/11/15
    Dyno Tuned a Forum Members M50man/S52 Cam M52 E30 Today. Stock headers and a ehhh exhaust setup. :)
    Car Previously had a DesertBMW tune for said mods. The Hackentt/DesertBMW Tune is basically a off the shelf shark injected S52 tune, even though its running a 2.8. Fuel trims and load was off everwhere but luckily the ecu is smart so it still made decent power even with massive knock correction... Ill leave it at that.

    Before on DesertBMW tune and after reflashing with our off the shelf and retuning from there.

    Before log:

    Retuned a car GTS car i had already tuned as OBD1 after converting it to OBD2, no other changes. S50, 3.5" MAF, 24lb, Ebay Headers, BW race exhaust.

    Retuned a OBD2 S50 swapped E30 M3 that had a TRM off the shelf flash on it. Has some weird aggressive cams in it that were doing some crazy stuff. Didnt make any power though?

    Tuned 2 E46 M's.
    First bone stock:

    Second 214k, stock intake with aftermarket headers/full exhaust


    Tuned a GTS racecar today. Fresh S52 Build, M50 manifold, Headers, Stock cams with timing tweaks, BW race exhaust. 3.5" MAF had to get slapped on at dyno as stock MAF maxed out at ~6500... Stock Injectors. Was running M52 stock tune when it first came in.

    Few Notable Updates. Retuned an earlier E46 M3 after adding headers
    Pre/Post headers, no tuning changes

    After Retuning

    Progression: Stock Tune, Tuned, Then Tuned with headers

    Also retuned an Alum block M52 E30 after it got headers/a nicer exhaust setup

    Retuned a Schrick cammed, M50 manifold, shorty header, AA track pipe, HPDE car. Had 3.5" MAF/24lb injector, Schrick conforti tune on it already as the baseline.

    Also fun fact of the day, changed on the dyno from a 3.5" MAF reducer and the stock ASC intake boot (with ASC still in place) to a silicone 3.5" to 3" smooth intake boot. No tuning changes...

    Ive been slacking on updates :(
    E46 M3 NASA GTS Car. Was already dyno tuned by another very prominient E46 M tuner, this is over his... Car has euro headers/race exhaust, intake and stock airbox

    From there i detuned it for GTS3. Took a while to get power down will keeping the motor/everything happy and jumping back and forth punching data in the NASA GTS calculator.

    Tuned 2 more S54 Cars. First an E46 M3 stock except headers (dont recall brand). Stock airbox, plenum and all.

    This next one is an S54 Swapped E36 318Ti. Car had already been dyno tuned by another reputable tuner who i guess didnt realize the throttles were only opening ~80%. After fixing that and playing with the vanos (no ing timing changes) and fueling this is the result: Car has stock ZM3 airbox, plenum and Euro headers.

    Tuned a E36 Track car today. S52 with Stock MAF, 24lb injectors, ebay headers, meh exhaust setup, M50 manifold, hot air intake and had a reputable tuners custom dyno tune on it. Not sure why he thought 11.5:1 AFR was brillant nor the ~5600RPM vanos shutoff point but whatever.
    Brought the AFRs back into a proper location and pulled back vanos shutoff point among other things.

    Tuned another E90 M3, 100% stock, Stock tune with testpipes and intake, and fully tuned with testpipes and intake.

    Tuned a schrick cam S52 track car. Has 3.5" MAF and 24lb injectors. Headers to stock midpipe. Running OBD1. Unnamed tuners off the shelf chip vs MMW dyno tuning :P

    Tuned a Turbo M50 E30 We OBD2 converted. running HX35 15psi tapering to 12 off WG spring, 140MLS 93oct. S50 cams

    Tuned another S54 E36. Stock plenum, ZM3 airbox, CPI headers, nice dual all the way back exhaust

    E46 M3 VF SC 6psi IC kit. VF Tuned vs Our retune. VF apparently doesnt see the need to alter factory vanos maps as well as overfueling like hell. Also BOV or something is freaking out up top. Boost falls off at ~7500.

    Retuned an earlier AASC Z3 coupe we did. Still 100% stock motor, original headgasket on 2.8L. Added 80lb injectors and e85. Same ~12.5psi boost level.

    Tuned a random E46 M3, has headers, stock airbox, stock plenum, etc.

    Uh long time no update!
    Some FBO 335:

    Some FBO S52 E36 pre/post exhaust work:

    12PSI S52 VortechSC E36 Vert:

    M50 E34 bone stock, pre/post tune (OBD1):

    Remote Tuned 12:1 S54 pump gas (dislike new dynojet software):

    10/4/16 Update
    Behind on this:
    Stock E46 M3:

    Single Turbo 335i, E85 Port Injection

    Intake/Exhaust E92 M3:

    Nearly Stock E92 335is

    F10 M5 Jb4 Eisman DP's

    F30 328i Jb4

    AA HKS SC 8psi ZM3 Roadster. AA tune vs MMW tune

    Also: 18.5PSI M50 manifold Ebayheader Cutring Stock CR S52 Vortech V1 T-Trim E85

    S52 Mroadster progression
    Stock tuned, M50 manifold tuned, M50 Manifold Ebay headers/exhaust Tuned

    Tuned a rear mount single turbo E39 M5 at 7psi tapering to 4.

    Also tuned a E92 M3, was already tuned by someone.

    Tuned a few S54 cars:
    S54 Swap E36

    Stock S54 E46 M SMG


    FBO OBD1 S50, Pre/post a competitors Off the shelf tune:

    Stock E46 M3 with intake

    M54 Swap E36Ti

    Just kidding. That was fixing the Cam sensor. Shows you how much the vanos does!
    After final Tune (again not all me :) )!

    S52 with another persons tune pre/post

    MS45 ZHP. Final run the clutch started letting go :(

    E92 M3 DCT, Intake MS midpipes Mperf Exhaust

    Supercharged non IC 95 M3

    M54 Swap

    E90 325i Progressions

    E93 M3 All stock

    Stock E46 M

    S54 Swap E36

    Just for fun
    135i with RB's tuning session... (boost was raised from base to run shown so not a 100% direct back to back comparison)

    another 135i RB car, 93+Meth and our flash

    Clutch slippage :(!

    F82 M4, with downpipes/JB4 slightly tweaked by us

    F80 M3, stock vs stock with DP vs JB4 map 6 tuning

    RBturbo 135i vs M4

    RB turbo 335i on pump gas

    E92 M3 (mostly stock) no tuning power runs

    Dinan Stroker S85 M5

    Another F80 M3:

    Stock E60 M5:

    Spec E46#1 (no tuning, spec tune, just for comparison)


    Stock Turbo FBO Meth 335

    Stock Turbo FBO E85 Meth

    S54 AA Prima Stg 2 Kit, TTFS Tuning, E85

    S65 E92 M3 Pre and Post Supercharger. 6.5psi intercooled, BPMSport Tune...

    After resealing a PO DIY intercooler add leak

    F10 535i with JB4/DP/Map6 tweaks.

    Some more fun!
    2007 335i
    FBO (BMS China charge pipe ;), 5" IC, Forge DV, VRSF DP )
    RB inlets
    RB Turbos
    Markert Motor Works Back End Flash
    N20 MAP

    First, Pump Only...:

    E40 vs pump on JB4 with Rbs:

    Had more in it but fuel pump decided no....

    Oh and the WGDC on 'run 24'. Turbos+Inlets have alot left on the table...

    N54E30 anyone ;)

    Stock Turbo 335i From Earlier after a retune + inlets:
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