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M54 injector signal problem

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    M54 injector signal problem

    hello i have a EURO m54b25 swapped in a e30. but i dont have any signal from the DME to the injector. i have used a glow light, and found constant power in the injector plug as it should, but no spray signal from the DEM (X60003 pin 33-38) can someone help me to find the problem, im not a expert in wirering. The ews should be deleated. I have spark and crank. and fuel in the rail.

    Aso i have plugged in the fuel relay, but it aint activating by using the (X60004 40-pin, 10 A EKP Activate relay Fuel pump relay) wired to relay pin 86, battery+ to 30, ground to 85, and 87 goes to fuel pump. the pump runs if i bypass the relay.

    please ask if im missing to explain somthing, hope somone can help..

    (testet following this)

    Regards Patrick

    Well for starters, your fuel pump relay is wired incorrectly.

    The BMW pin numbers: 2 to pin 13 at c101 fuel pump out
    4 - trigger from pin 10 on x60004
    6 - constant 12v
    8 - 12v at pin 2 x6021


      Hello again..

      I have bought a swap harness to eliminate possible wire faults and get a good result, so now my fuel pump works on ignition and with relay. but when I measure on the injection sockets, with a test lamp, I still have fine connection, but no pulse on plus when I try to start! which irritates me a lot. does it point to the EWS not being properly removed in my DME? I still have spark on spark plugs .. are there any who can guide me places to measure or things to check to find the error of the problem?



        The ecu flashing has failed for some reason. I have seen that problems in few ms43 dme's. They just refuse to work with some sw versions (especially the common one used in ews deletes). Everything else seems to work, but ecu doesn't drive injectors. Newer sw version fixes problem. You need to send the ecu back to the guy who made the ews delete for it to fix it.


          Are you able to flash the DME if i send it to you? im in Denmark.. ?


            EWS actually only disables the injector signal on the E46. On later cars it also disables the ignition. Either way, I agree it's a bad flash (either corrupted or the file itself is wrong).
            Build thread



              thanks to pazi88, for flashing the DME and now it starts :)