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Ways to Strengthen the AWD Drivetrain?

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    Originally posted by cscracker View Post
    I have to second that as long as you don't rag on it too much, this really shouldn't be an issue. People have built 1000whp+ turbo iXs, and as mentioned, there's not a lot of strengthening options. For a street car, don't put ridiculously large/sticky tires on it, and avoid hard launches, and you should be fine. On the other hand, if abuse and hard launches are your goal, then you might be looking into full AWD drivetrain swaps or other custom solutions (read: $$$$).
    I drive like an old man now *cough* - but I beat the shit out of the ix with an M20 in the past. I never met an autocross starting line that didn't deserve a sidestep-clutch-dump-at-redline launch. But maybe that's why I think some of these "I want 10000hp because bigger numbers" posts are silly. I could do those launches hundreds of times with a sub-200hp M20, and I still run the same drivetrain today. But with these fantasy high power builds (which are likely useless in reality) I could have done that maybe 10 times.. not quite as much fun in reality.
    Build thread



      RSX parts arrived yesterday, just waiting on a few more things to come in from schmeidmann and ecs before sending my front diff in for rebuild at a local differential shop. Only thing I'm worried about is that I couldn't find a few of the shims listed in realOEM, so I'm hoping the diff shop can make it work.


        Front diff rebuilt by diff shop with the RSX part for about 650 with me supplying the parts. I've talked with the guy that made the "Finland Fix" front drive shafts; he has none left, doesn't know when he will be producing more, and won't provide measurements or a CAD file for me to have some made for my car. Does anyone have one of the extended drive shafts I can purchase or leads on others I can talk to about having something like that made?


          X5 guibo conversion will gain a bit of depth for now.


            +1 to doing the X5 guibo/centering pin, or using a driveshaft spacer - if your splines are still in good shape.

            Otherwise, there are half a dozen iX specific facebook groups that Juuso sold those spline upgrades in. Maybe someone didn't use one.
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            Originally posted by shameson
            Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30


              We are currently in the middle of a stroker-turbo build. I've been searching from forum to facebook group for any reliable answer to this question, the common option I've seen seems to be an e34ix hardware swap, which takes a lot more to link with the m20 than just the front differential. Anyone on here done that before that can weigh in on this?

              this is a great thread on the subject
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