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Aftermarket Support for NLA or hard to find OEM parts

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    Aftermarket Support for NLA or hard to find OEM parts

    Howdy all,

    I figured I would put together a list that links out to the aftermarket parts I've found that replace NLA or difficult to source/expensive OEM parts.

    Control Arms: Rally Corsa shop from Finland has a pro set for a little over $1300 USD which can be used with their bumpsteer kit ~$400. This takes care of the problem finding replacement inner ball joints on the IX control arm or a full NOS control arm

    Inner Ball Joints: MRT Engineering out of Finland offers front control arm spherical joints for 198 Euro

    Front Driveshaft: There is this thread for the info on the elongated front driveshaft, and the parts look to be available through Devon Eyerman out of Michigan.

    Viscous Coupler: Also available through Devon, $850 + $250 core charge + shipping

    Front Differential: RSX racing solutions out of Spain, also sell through Devon stateside $845 + shipping

    Rear Differential: If you want to match your front torsen differential, RSX also makes a rear torsen $971

    G260 gears: Another RSX part, is a G260 close ratio gearset (SSZ: super sub zero) $2323

    I'll have to think of other hard to source or NLA IX parts and update this list over time
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    Thanks for putting this together dylhaus! I didn't realize you had me listed for several of these parts lol.

    I am Devon from Michigan and I started Random Industries LLC to rebuild the 325iX center diff viscous couplers then added Juuso's Finland Fix and eventually RSX front LSD diffs. I'm always interested in adding more parts to the line up if there's interest. I'm currently working on Bilstein tuned shocks for Rallycross and stage rally plus a full N52 drivetrain swap for the iX.




      Devon, can you share more with us about the shocks? I recently picked up an IX that someone lowered with the Bilstein sport kit. I was looking at returning it to factory height at the very least, but if there is something better out there, I'd love to know more.



        Hi Sean - The Bilstein shocks I'm working on are retuned Bilstein B6 (aka HD). So they retain the stock travel but have different valving setup for rallycross type terrain (I jumped the car in one of Instagram posts for fun recently lol). In my opinion, the stock Bilstein B6 tune is quite good on the road with stock springs as a daily driver.

        I am looking at moving to Bilstein Motorsports struts which would allow for increased travel and larger diameter body/piston. This would require modifying a stock knuckle or a new one all together and reduced steering angles if the travel is increased enough to prevent damage to the CV shafts. This upgrade would be more for the dedicated rally car or person looking for the ultimate pot hole machine lol

        Devon @ Random Industries LLC