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Transfer Case suspect, need a second opinion

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    Originally posted by nando View Post
    dang. hope it didn't damage the transfercase! I feel like so many ix's got destroyed because of stupid crap like this.

    I'd hang onto that 3.91 though, if it's any good (or even if it's not). you could probably resell it at some point.
    Yeah, I'll hold onto it- didn't seem to have too much play when I had it out. I do have a spare transfer case, just in case this one is trashed.


      Originally posted by packratbimmer View Post

      Should have read more closely - my bad. I have a 4.10 iX diff if you need one in ME
      Hah, no prob- I think I actually bought a transfer case from you around that time. I'll see if I can find a 4.10 locally, if not I'll send ya a pm