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Ix specific bushing for shifter arm?

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    Ix specific bushing for shifter arm?

    I ordered some shifter arm bushings and they do not fit on the end of the shifter, wondering if they are some specific type, they are of the delrin type.
    Wondering if the previous owner put a different type of shifter in the car, or there is just some difference.

    I've ordered both front and rear bushings for the shift carrier from Condor speedshop, fitted just fine.
    The rear one had to be pressed in using my benchvise if I recall correctly.

    However, there are two styles of the rear carrier. I just checked Condors website and they list a picture of the other style (only one stud insteads of two like mine). They don't list another type of bushing.

    edit: on some models you need to grind off a little tap that prevents the shifter carrier to slide into the bushing.
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      I measured them, the brand new delrin od is about .9 of a inch, while the one that was on the shifter is around .82 of a inch.

      The bushing is the two part one at the bottom of the shifter arm coming out of the car.

      Note: figured it out, I bought delrin conversion kit for the connection with the bitch clip to the transmission, not for the bottom of the actual shifter.
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        Also, learned I had a short shifter kit installed. Installed horribly wrong and that was why my shifter had a ton of slop. Couldn't fix it, but adding those yellow washers improved about 50%. If I still own the car next year I will be correcting the issue.