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Trunk Paint with Bedliner?

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    Trunk Paint with Bedliner?

    So a couple things... first off, who else has removed that thick tar crap from their trunk? Was gross and a pain in the arse but got it removed. I have an early model so there's actually 2 layers of it, I feel like it weighed more than 60 lbs but either way, happy to have it out.

    Underneath the tar was old paint, some tar/glue residue and some minor surface rust... The reason for removing the tar deadening was for weight reduction and to try and clean up the trunk area.

    I was planning to repaint the whole trunk with colour matched spray cans but came across a (what sounds like to me) better idea of using truck bedliner spray. It's thicker, offers some sound deadening and I believe makes the trunk look really clean and neat. Plus its waterproof incase I ever had a leak.

    Has anyone else gone this route? Wondering what opinions are on it. Today I sanded down the trunk, taped everything off and did a few coats of primer so it's ready for paint / bedliner.
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    i use it for my shadowline. has held up pretty well.

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