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Early Euro Valance with Late Model US IS Spoiler?!

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    Early Euro Valance with Late Model US IS Spoiler?!

    Gents, I have a March 1987 325iS with the large bumpers and IS (or well known cow catcher) front apron. I have a brand new set of small euro metal bumpers, and a euro valance, but I don't have an apron. I would rather use a late model IS spoiler, but I'm not sure how closer they are. I want to know if anyone has modified a front IS spoiler to fit an early model valance. I can't find any content to save my life. I also really don't want to spend $500 on a brand new "Jimmy Hill" or an Alpina version. I also really want to make a front splitter and I feel that I'd have more options with the late model set up. Mentor me!
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    Since Euro bumpers are thinner there will be some gap if you use same mounting points on metal valance where cow catcher attaches. This can be adjusted there is few ways.
    Real issue is cow catcher has about 5mm cuts in both sides to match bulky plastic side trims that US bumpers got. On black car that may not be eyesore. Here is an example.


      It’s been tried before.. doesn’t look good. Search for scabzzz
      Go mtech1 if you have euro bumpers and really want to keep them
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        you mean like this one?


          I feel that it will look goofy due to the late model Is lip is smaller then the lip that belongs on the euro valance. I'd just run a standard lip till you find a Jimmy Hill, Alpina, Zender, BBS, Kamei etc.. etc... Since the 86-87 US lip is the exact same and even the 87-91 convertible lip is the same too.

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