Hi All,

I'm interested in shortening up my diving boards, and am less than interested in drilling/tucking. I see the 1988 cars, and cabrios 88-90 have shorter diving boards. So I want to pick up some of the shorter shocks from those cars- but I'm curious, is that the same shock as the plastic bumper shock? Anyone know what part number I'm looking for? Most of the parts websites aren't terribly clear on what I'm looking at, so would love some help.

I have a 1987 325i with a standard valence and diving boards. Looking to pull them in a few inches and put on a late model valence. Kinda like poor man's euro bumpers. heh.

Part numbers for the shorty shocks that I can see: front 51111971852, rear: 51121959128
The part numbers are different for the plastic bumper cars from what I can see from realoem, but I'm still curious if I can use them anyway as aluminum shorty bumper shocks.