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My Fav Calypso E30 may be totaled, Help me decide!

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    My Fav Calypso E30 may be totaled, Help me decide!

    Hey fellow R3vers,

    No lengthy story here, I have spent the last 4 years building this car and I was involved in a front end collision that did some pretty serious damage.

    I have removed the engine and cut the front rad support as it was sandwiched against the engine. I do not have an eye for body work so I am not sure what the costs are here but I would deeply regret parting the car.

    Reasons for Keeping:

    +Completely Rust free, new undercoating on Underchassis
    +Calypsorot in beautiful shape that I detailed before the accident.
    +I know the chassis inside and out (wiring, etc)
    +Complete Twinscroll Turbo kit ready to go in :(

    Reasons for Parting:
    -Cost of repair and Paint exceeds 6.5k
    -Integrity of chassis is compromised

    Damage Assesment:
    -It seems like the passenger fender frame area was pushed back nearly 2 inches and buckled where the windshield meets the fender up to the crease A pillar.

    +The frame Rails seem straight

    + I have a complete late model front end to put on the car
    -Fenders, Hood, Rad Support, Valence

    -Engine Firewall pushed in 2.5-3 inches.
    -Do I have to remove dash and knock back out?

    -Rocker arm broke in M20, will need rebuild
    or 24v Swap :roll:

    I don't have my Image hosting account anymore so here my Dropbox. I can upload images later this week when I resize the images.

    Let me know what you all think, If any of you have seen worse or this is too much.

    Thanks! -Ali

    probably better off finding a clean shell and swapping everything over.


      Dude, sorry to say but it looks like your E30 is now a parts car. +1 on finding a clean shell and move the parts over to the shell. It's time to make lemonade out of lemons and start parting it out and keep the parts you want for the shell. Been there, done that!
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        If you're looking to build a drift missile, you may as well learn to use a tube bender and have at it.
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          You're gonna need one hell of a frame puller. Look at that roofline.

          Have at it, but it's toast for everything except a track or drift car.
          "Tires are our fuse" -Matt Juengel
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            The dam crease on the A-Pillar is what got me. I really really love this car, it wont ever be a drift missile. Just a fun daily driver that I keep and enjoy once I'm married. She isn't big on my car presence but she loves this car too. If i move on from this it'd probably be into a wagon or vert since Ive yet to own one of those. No one has good stories of redemption?!