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Advice Request: Refinishing M20 Aluminum Valve Cover?

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    Originally posted by SkiFree View Post
    To have a %100 correct finish you should spray the thing down with cosmoline. When these cars were new the valve covers and intake manifolds had a yellow film of cosmoline overtop. This coating would remain indefinitely, at least until some enterprising individual took a scrubber to it. A pure, bare, aluminum finish was never "original".

    Here are some great M20-specific threads on it.
    Cosmoline was sprayed on the cars everywhere, not just the engine bay, for shipping across the Atlantic, it is supposed to have been removed upon receiving by the dealer, so no, it's not being true to the car to spray an extra layer on for restoration...

    None is supposed to be left on any cars that were sold. A pure aluminum finish, is original, and the way these cars should have been sold.


      I too would like to ponder how to bring the valve cover/intake to as close to prestine, non cosmoline'd alum as possible. Does anyone have a good period photo of a perfect M20 engine bay to use as a starting point?


        Vapor honing. See here:


          Oh my

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            Check out pics of people using Steel-It spray paint. Has an interesting effect that is more of a matte finish than shiny, just not sure how different it is color compared to cast aluminum. They tote it as being an alternative to powder coating, and it can also be welded on without having to remove it during racing/emergent situations (not sure about that one but suffice to say it sounds pretty durable).
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