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New upper plastic surrounds for front diving board?

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    New upper plastic surrounds for front diving board?

    I’m looking to buy new bumper surrounds for my 87 325is with diving boards. The upper part with the longer narrow side markers. I looked on realOEM and found the following numbers:

    Left: 51111937387
    Right: 51111937388

    I can locate the left side brand new on a number of sites but it seems the right is discontinued? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    Anything I’m missing? Is there a new model number?

    Thanks in advance

    There are tons of parts that are NLA for these cars. I think some items come back into availability at times but you never know when. With that said, it's not unusual for a left side to be available and the right not or vice versa. If you are looking new check with your dealer, they can usually tell you how many are left in the warehouse.

    Also, these come up used all the time as many people switch from the diving boards to plastic bumpers. I literally just threw two out that have been taking up space in my garage for a year or so and I couldn't give away. Bummer you didn't post this last week!
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      Appreciate the response. I’ll give BMW a call tomorrow.

      In the meantime, does anyone know if the part # changed? On realOEM it says (ended) with no additional info.


        ah.... Digging for a NOS 51111937388....

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