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Early Model Coupe Manual Window Conversion ?s

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    Early Model Coupe Manual Window Conversion ?s

    1. I know that the regulators don't save weight
    2. The harness connection is completely fucked on my 3/87 325is, so I don't want to focus on fixing that
    3. I want to go completely harness-less in my 325is because it's track prepped (still streetable).
    4. Am I really reading this correctly, there's no regulator but this weird cable looking thing?

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    It's some sort of crazy cable contraption, but it seems to work.


      You're correct, there is no traditional regulator. The cable-style mechanism is actually very easy to deal with.

      I did this years ago in my 24v early model, it's a direct swap minus I believe needing two extra M6 bolts per side. Only recommendation is to shoot some sort of lube into the manual regulator (assuming you got them used) before installing.
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        Originally posted by kronus
        would be in depending on tip slant and tube size