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Do these seat sliders look familiar to anyone?

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  • reelizmpro
    Those are aftermarket (possibly Recaro) double locking sliders. No idea why someone would want one side raised like that unless they didn't know what they were doing.

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  • Bambi07
    started a topic Do these seat sliders look familiar to anyone?

    Do these seat sliders look familiar to anyone?


    Car was purchased with Recaro LX-Bs. The passenger seat always seemed just a bit like it was leaning to the inside of the car. Recently I decided to take both seats out while doing other interior work. These sliders don’t look like what I see on real oem. The Base that gets bolted to the chassis is from wedge engineering. The piece between the slider mechanism and seat cushion I’m not sure. Maybe it’s actually from the original slider assembly. In any case, both seats have one tall slider and one short slider. What do you guys make of this? Any idea if these sliders are from an e30 and why one is offset from the seat cushion more than the other?

    Edit Sorry guess I’m to dumb to figure out how to upload a picture. If I try to do it direct I get a message that the file is corrupted.
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