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BiFocal low beams available again!

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    BiFocal low beams available again!

    Good news- the low beam Hella BiFocal is available again, as a special order item. See below post for a detailed discussion, and let's see if we can get a bunch of them so we can maybe speed up the process.

    Hella USA has indicated they are taking orders with payment, and predict a 12 week delay in arriving, but who knows ...

    At one time, Daniel Stern told me he had a 'Commercially Hardened' version of the BiFocal, tougher glass so maybe less likely to shatter from rocks. I still prefer to insure longevity with the headlight protection film (XPEL, 40 mils thick, and perfectly clear). I'll check in and see if these are still available by special order.
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