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On board computer removal procedure?

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    On board computer removal procedure?

    My 85 325e's obc is no longer functioning correctly.
    I have a new OBC, at least thats what I think it's called. Its the thing that gives you fuel mileage, outside temp, time/date etc.
    I need to switch them out, but I just wanted to know the correct way to pop the panel off so I can get the unit out. I don't want to break the trim plate.

    Also, the reason I am changing it is because the digital display is no longer visable unless in sunlight. You can see that it still works, but you can only read it during the day.
    Looking at the new one, there appears to be a couple bulbs, I'm assuming the white pull out tab on the side will the reveal the bulb that has burnt out on mine. Am I correct?

    Thanks for any help you might have, and here is a pic of the unit I am speaking of.

    there are two ways to remove it. The first way remove the following
    1. radio
    2. Upper switches for hazards, rear defrost etc....
    3.remove the two front consules
    4. Now under the dash are two screws that go into the panel the heater controls and the OBC are on remove these two screws.
    5. where the upper swiches where pull out there are another two screws that go upward at an angle into the dash remove these two also
    No pull the panel straight foward and undo the 4 screws holding the OBC on.
    Or the other way is
    1. remove the glove box
    2.remove the side glove box panel
    3. take a very small Philpis screwdriver and feel aroudn till you find the four screws and remvoe them.
    This way is WAY HARDER. I did it on my 318i when I retrofited the OBC in it is easier to with the radio out but YOu need skinny hands and the screws are a bitch to find if you drop them or can't find the hole they screw back into.
    85 325e 2.7 ITB'd stroker