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BMW Bavaria C Professional RDS

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    BMW Bavaria C Professional RDS

    Hey all. Just bought a headunit but I don't know that much about it. I jumped the gun a bit because the guy had it locally, really cheap and if it had any problems I'd go about resolving them after. As of now he gave me the headunit, the code is on the chassis and the pigtail to connect the whole stereo.

    But now that I sat down and did my research, it appears as though I need a "receiver" apart from the headunit. Luckily I bought this from a known person and he's local so anything I might need I can just drop by and try searching it on the chopped car.

    The pictures the guy sent me before he removed the whole stereo showed the unit powering on and it showed "CODE WAIT" so I'm really hopeful it's no a dud. He also said it came off an E36 and I plan to use it on an E30.

    Anyone have any info on how this stereo is wired, what other components are needed, or if I can run the headunit without the receiver unit?

    Here's some pics of what I have currently on hand:

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    Still have the C Professional Unit? Do you wanna sell it?