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Fuse box bulkhead connector?

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    Fuse box bulkhead connector?

    All, I did some searching with no luck. I figured someone will know of a car that has done this or has put thought into doing the same thing and have some ideas.

    Anyway, I wanted to put in a bulkhead connector for the fuse box pass through into the cabin. It just seems like it will be handy and my car is already torn down :)

    I am thinking of using something like the Deutsch HDP20 connectors as I am familiar with them and have access to Deutsch crimp tools. One question I have is how many wires pass through the bulkhead? I could just count, but my harness was thinned in the past and I want enough pins to support everything if I add components back. I looked at the wiring diagrams, but its really hard to tell based off those as there is no schematic from the fuse box out, just individual sections and even those are kind of lacking.

    Any help/ideas appreciated!!

    M42 on VEMS

    ^Seriously wish there were two electronics manuals. One with physical layout, one as BMW already has it....