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BMW cm5908 Tape Deck Problem

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    BMW cm5908 Tape Deck Problem

    I was driving to a powder-coater to drop off some new-to-me 16x8 AC Schnitzer Type 1 wheels. Being stuck in that fabulous Cali traffic, I'm just chilling jamming out to Black Sabbath's Paranoid on cassette. Music goes quiet, cool, switching sides, *5 min later with no sound*, something's fucky.

    Tape got stuck, it would make a clicking noise, but no music. I couldn't eject, fast-forward, rewind, change program, nothing. Obviously with a stuck tape, radio was dead too.

    When I got home I pulled the head unit, I took the top cover off and used the levers to force the tape out. Now the radio works, but tapes get instantly stuck and starts that clicking noise. With the top cover off, I can push the cassette loader down as if there was a tape in there. That's when I hear the clicking noise, like the gears trying to drive the tape broke?

    What broke and how do I fix it?
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    your tape deck drive belt is 30 years old.. stretched 2cm or more, dried out.. there may be something else mechanical going on too.

    I do have a tape deck repair offering, but if I can't fix your unit you will need to replace it. Good time to switch to Jay's Cantaloupe bluetooth board...

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