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CM5908 Radio Anti Theft Beeping and other oddities - grounding?

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    CM5908 Radio Anti Theft Beeping and other oddities - grounding?

    Hi all,

    My 1990 325i 'vert came with the premium Alpine radio, the CM5908. It was not working well but after several cleanings it was brought back to 80%. Suddenly it started acting up (pulsing sound from am/fm tape and CD). When I shut the car off the Anti-Theft light started flashing and the radio beeped constantly.

    I pulled fuses 12 and 21 and replaced them - that cures the issue temporarily but after awhile the pulsing when car running/anti theft issue when the car is off returns.

    Worth noting - this issue took hold this week once when the car got caught in the rain (unavoidable) and once when I washed her this weekend. I've looked for signs of water everywhere and can't find any. Also worth noting is that this issue never occurred during many washings since the spring began.

    I'm no gearhead but I am wondering if this could be a grounding issue or if the radio is dying a slow death. Happy to say no other electrical issues at all.

    Any thoughts? Anyone know which grounding wire grounds the radio?

    Thanks in advance!



    Figured I'd update for posterity. Pulled fuses 12 and 21 and shot contact cleaner into their slots. Returned the fuses and tested - radio working normally and no anti-theft light or beeping.


      good work!
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