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How much faith do you have in the Bentley gospel for the fuse box?

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    How much faith do you have in the Bentley gospel for the fuse box?

    I blew my first fuse yesterday while finally getting around to replacing my C405 connector housing in the door and, having lurked here long enough, figured I should buy extras to keep on hand.

    After I replaced the fuse I blew with a new one, things seemed to be working properly but I noticed that at least one of the fuses currently installed by a PO are lower amp ratings than the Bentley manual indicates is proper; this is fuse 28. Bentley says this should be a 30 amp fuse, not the 7.5 amp one which is installed.

    See and

    So it made me want to hear other's thoughts, how much faith do you put in Bentley for technical items like this? Is my Bentley manual wrong? Should I replace fuse 28 with a 30 amp fuse, and check the others are the correct size too? Or should I only concern myself with "fixing" this if I encounter problems in the future?


    It's a 1987 Convertible
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    Not sure what that fuse is for but I just went out and checked mine. Its a 30. For a 1987 as well.

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      In case this comes up in a search someday, and imgur doesn't die before then, here is a graphical diagram found on this site

      And the table of fuses, size, and circuit name/purpose table from the 1987 ETM