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    Speaker suggestions

    The PO installed a custom sub box in the package tray of my e30. It actually like the looks of the work they did at it looks almost factory.

    However, the speakers they installed are either tired, low quality, or both and need to be upgraded.

    I measured them and they appear to be 6.5 in diameter.

    Basically Im concerned that there would be too much treble going on back there if I installed a pair of 2 ways. Id prefer to keep it 1 way like it is now.

    Could I possibly buy a set of component speakers and just use the woofer? They would be powered by my new Infinity Kappa 2 channel amp rated at 100x2 rms.

    What other solutions might there be?

    90 Bronzit 325is
    16 Black Sapphire 340i M Sport

    6.5" subwoofers are a thing:



      I guess so! I talked to a guy on the Radwood FB group yesterday who sent me a link to the parts express site as well. He recommended Dayton Audio. Something with a low frequency response.

      My amp has a variable crossover so I should be good.

      Thanks for the response!
      90 Bronzit 325is
      16 Black Sapphire 340i M Sport


        A 6.5" subwoofer is about as much of a subwoofer as a smart car is a luxury car. Yes, it will work, but it's not going to do much.

        I'd either buy a new rear deck cover, or just disconnect them, and let them look factory.

        "Parts Express" is kinda the ebay of speaker stuff. With that said, they have some decent stuff - but you really have to research on what to buy - they sell both "decnet stuff" and utter crap. But for rear speakers - most people refer to it as "rear fill" isn't half as as important as the front speakers, and a small sub.

        Where you should spend money is on the front speakers. It's a one time buy kind of thing. You can power them off a deck to start with, and when when you want to up the quality, a small amp. Some time during that, get a sub going to fill in the bottom end.

        After that you'll know what to chance - and what you like. That's the DIY way.

        Or you can drop your car off at a stereo shop and have someone install it all. $$$.

        Audio is actually a lot of fun to learn.
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        hey does anyone know anyone who gets upset and makes electronics?